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  1. Now, I know that the GT series are nice basses :) and the 7's I played are real nice and all, but has anyone played the 5er? I really don't think I have ANYTHING to do with all those extra strings, but a B string might be nice for something... someday.. I look at the GT-5 and see that for a pretty reasonable price, If they are the same quality of the 7's I've played, then its a pretty damn good instrument :eek:. I was just wondering if anyone has played them and could tell me what they're like. I assume someone who knows how to build a 7 string with a low F# on it, knows how to make a nive 5'er with a good B on it.. but I've never been able to find a 5'er, so could someone let me know some basic info on them? How heavy are they (I play fenders.. I KNOW heavy :)) is one thing I'd like to know, but any info is good info :)
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    Mar 30, 2000
    I believe there's a big difference in the electronics between the GT-7 and the others - the 7 has Bartolini pickups and preamp whereas the models with fewer strings have the Mightymite stuff installed. I could be wrong, though.
  3. i have played one of these at a local gc and it was good enough for me to buy it...and later return it. i later realized that i would rather have a 6 string and one of the strap buttons was missing on the upper horn. but besides that it was really comfortable sitting on my lap, so i'd say go for it if you get the chance, the one that i played was selling for 745 USD.
  4. Well, MF (satan? :D) has them for $750 on the 5 string. I would have to check the Conklin site for that pup info.. thanks for poiting that out :). Uhh how did you get a bass out of a store without realizing a strab button was missing?? :D
  5. Ok, I looked.. and Conklin 4/5'ers have "Conklin active electronics".. whatever that means :)

    I am just waiting for JT to hear the word Conklin and come a running :) Although I don't know I am willing to throw down 3 grand on a bass, I do like the GT's I've played, and so I think I can understand that love affair ;)
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    Mar 30, 2000
    Well, it says that all models have "active pickups"... which isn't quite correct, is it? :confused:
  7. Why wouldn't it be? The 4/5 have "Conklin active electronics" while the 7 has "Bartonali active electronics"... I am conused as well now:confused:
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    They have active electronics, but not active pickups. IIRC, Bartolini has never made an active pickup.
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    Jul 20, 2001
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    I just bought a GT4 and I really like it. The strap button was missing on mine too, but I bought strap locks anyway so it did not matter. I had some problems with the headstock cracking, but it might of fallen or something without me knowing, and I called Conklin and Bill Conklin called me right back and gave me a solution to the problem.
  10. I would not expect too much from "Conklin pickups/electronics". Every brand that uses MightyMite stuff on their gear puts its own name on it (except Cort). So IMO Conklin elecs. can be expected to be MMs.

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    Aug 13, 2001
    Actually, according to the Conklin website, the pickups on both the GT-5 and GT-7 are active. Maybe they mean passive with active electronics.

    And Oysterman is correct, the pickups on the GT-5 appear to be Conklin ones, whereas the pickups on the GT-7 are Bartolinis.

    A comparison of all the different Groove Tool models can be found at the Conklin website here: