GT STB-1 Preamp......

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by chaoslord, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. I know that this pre was made from 87ish til 95 or 96 in cooperation with SWR. Beyond that I don't have much knowledge about it or any experience with it.

    I have a friend who is also a bass player and I can get this preamp from him for $200 since he has one that he isn't using. I have seen it and he assures me that it is in good condition and has even offered to pay to have it gone over by a local amp tech.

    Now if these are good and reliable preamps then it could save me some money as I am in the process of upgrading my rig.

    Any info, links, pictures, etc. would be very much apreciated.

  2. The GT preamp is almost identical to the preamps of the SWR PB-200, Studio 220, sm400, sm400s, and somewhat identical to the most current model , the sm500. I believe the GT model has the SWR aural enhancer, bass, treble, 4-band semi parametric equalizer, gain, master volume, and effects loop (I don't think its a side fx loop). The equalizer is very effective and sounds great overall. It has that classic SWR sound. Um... its 2 rack spaces and black. That's it 4 now.