GT2 as an ODB-3 replacement?

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  1. Right now I have an ODB-3 on my board. Although it's not the worst pedal in the world, I don't find myself stepping on it very much. I have a BDDI for the less intense overdrive's and a BBM for the fuzz, so I want something in the middle. Right now I use the ODB-3 for that but it's a little too harsh/industrial. Would the Sansamp GT2 be a good replacement? I searched around and found it to be a pretty good distortion so I was wondering if it would fit my specific needs. Any and all opinions on the GT2 are much appreciated.:eyebrow:
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    The GT-2 is a good unit but I wouldn’t use it with bass. It was designed to be used with bass(*) and the circuit cut the lower frequencies.

    Some people use it with bass but I would recommend you try it before buying it.

    (*) Please read here
  3. Was or wasn't designed for bass? Im assuming the 'was' is a typo, but just clarifying for future reference :)
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    "It was designed to be used with electric guitar and the circuit cut the lower frequencies."
  5. I know that it will have a little low end drop, but I'd be alright with that if it didn't sound nearly as harsh as my ODB-3. Sound clips would be very appreciated because I can't find a single good clip on youtube and the three on the wiki page won't open for me.
  6. My cheapy Bad Monkey has filled the void that my ODB-3 use to reside in. I still USE my ODB-3... but more for it's harsh stuff and not the OD...
  7. I have tried the bad monkey and was pretty impressed. For 50 bucks I guess I can't go wrong. Any other suggestions for a distortion pedal (I already have OD covered with my BDDI) that is pretty bass friendly?
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    Fulltone OCD, or if you want something really nice, but kinda pricey, EBS Valve Drive.
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    I've been using my GT-2 a lot lately. There is some low end loss, but I use it for a very industrial, metallic sound (think Godflesh, NIN, and tonally Motorhead) and it's perfect for that. The GT-2 is great, but not for everyone and it's a very tweaky beast. I nearly sold mine until I spent a full day tweaking knobs and realized the potential of tones (for me, YMMV).
  10. Sounds like I'm gonna give it a whirl then. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait a little bit because I just ordered an EBS Bass iq and a Hardwire Reverb...ya know it's bad when you have to buy two one-spots...