Guess that effect!!

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  1. So I was listening to my friends band and I noticed the telltale sign of a certain effect in one of their songs.

    When I asked, she said that she had, indeed, used this effect.

    see if you can hear it!
    shameless plug as well.

    The song "the bright light that shows you the way" is the one in question. The control is the song "Always", which was her bass straight into an SVT. The same setup was used for the Bright Light, along with this certain effect...

    I'll reveal what she did tomorrow morning!
  2. The bass in the 'always' track sounds good- definitely ampeg, but in the other song I can't hear the bass well enough to make a guess... unless this is a trick question, and the tell tale sign was dropping out of the mix, ie Big Muff?
  3. nope, but close. because the song is more on the hard rock side, the engineer actually used an old tube screamer ran seperate from the SVT and then mixed it down together for more power, but less (IMO) tone. FWIW I don't see anything wrong with the SVT-only sound on "Always" but I just thought you effects techies would find this game fun.
    guess not! :(
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    I listened to the track the other day and just heard a normal (but good) bass tone. I tried to play, honest!