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Guild 2-Post Bass Bridge, $45

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitar Strings and Accessories' started by Count Bassie, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. It's the one that goes on those old B-301s, or whatever that model # is... the odd-duck looking bird with the quasi sort of axe shape. And here she is, all there:


    $45 + shipping...
  2. Bump.
  3. It's vintage..
  4. I have a 301 it was origially my Uncle's and I've never seen then with a two point attachment. They're usually three point. I guess they had a revision through the run. Very cool, I'm actually looking for the saddles as I'm missing one and also the third point screw. I sure I could get one at a hardware store if I knew the threading. (never lend a bass to a friend who doesn't take care of his own equipment.) Again, very cool.
  5. Thanks LowF. I don't know much about the history or timeline of Guild. I got this in a box of old hardware from a friend who has a little guitar shop in Westerly, one of the Guild factory outposts of the 80s-90s. It's still here, I can't really use it. Well maybe I could now that I think of it, since I've got a "hobby build" started now. I'll need a bridge, but I was thinking of something more standard/massive. But as we know from the old Fenders, that's not everything...