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    Somewhat rare 1978 Guild B-302 bass. Those of you who know these curious-looking basses will know that they represent an oddball mixture of Gibson-type design and Fender-type pickups. Mahogany body and set 3-piece mahogany/maple neck with 2x2 open tuners, rosewood fingerboard. Single coil pickups and Gibson-style VVTT controls and 3-point bridge. All original except for new (vintage-matching) pickguard from WD Music and under the hood where volume and tone pots and capacitors have been upgraded. I've put 500k pots in both of the volume locations to slightly brighten (to very good effect) a somewhat dark-charactered instrument. Switch is original. I had to replace the elevation screw at the front of the bridge: a notorious weak point where the screw often strips out. To amuse my Canadian sensibilities, I put a Robertson head screw there and also Robertson heads for pickguard screws. I'll happily replace both for a buyer who *doesn't* find that amusing. In generally very good condition for its years with some dings/scratches, worst on the bottom, lower bout as shown. Appearance when being played is certainly very good. Strung with La Bella Deep Talkin' Flats. Does not come with a case. Thanks for looking. [Given the CITES restrictions and the rosewood fingerboard, I'm regrettably going to have to restrict this sale to my Canadian compatriots. Shipping at actual, insured cost via Canada Post.]

    GuildB-302SaleCropped - 1.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 2.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 3.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 4.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 5.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 6.jpg GuildB-302SaleCropped - 7.jpg IMG_0024.jpg
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    another great guild.cant ask for a better guy to deal with
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    i used to have one of these, the 1 pickup version.

    these are shockingly well made instruments, the pickups sound full of life and character, and the bridge is to die for..

    love seeing these.
  4. I'm actually really sad this didn't go up a week ago. I love my new P-Bass, but this is a rare find indeed!

    I love the way these old things sound. GLWTS!