Guild BS-1 pickup - reversing polarity.

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    Jul 8, 2016
    So, I have two Guild BS-1 pickups in my future. I already own one, and another is coming to me from the US. Both pickups are bridge pickups, as the neck pickup is unavailable anywhere that ships to the UK.

    If I use two bridge pickups then I won't be able to get a nice hum cancelling effect when using both pickups at 100%. I gather that the solution to this, and any other single coil pickup in this predicament, is to flip the magnets and to swap over the start and end wire on the pickup coil.

    This is made more difficult with the BS-1 pickup because several wires terminate at the end of the coil (the coil 'end' itself, a wire grounding the pickup frame, and a wire grounding the copper tape on the back of the coil, which grounds the poles).

    The second, bigger, issue is that the magnets are not simply bar magnets. The outer edge of them is rounded for whatever reason.


    This means that I can't simply prize the magnets off one pickup and reverse them. I would either have to recharge the magnets, or find alternatives. The magnets are around 56 mm long by 15 mm wide (I've not measured the depth!). The pickups are also ~1 mm less wide than the chair they sit in on the pickup frame itself.

    I've not found custom magnets matching these dimensions of specs. The closest source is Chinese neodymium magnets, but I reckon the strings will be stuck steadfast to the poles if I use these!

    My wildcard option would be to remove the factory magnets and simply epoxy neodymium button magnets to the back of the poles, and then simply have one pickup with the buttons flipped to the opposite pole of the other pickups. Then again, some of the Bisonic/Darkstar mojo comes from the Alnico magnets themselves.

    Any and all advice welcome!