Guild Starfire II Suck (baritone) Switch Removal

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  1. I own a Guild 1967 Starfire II bass. It has an odd switch which is commonly referred to as the "Suck Switch". This switch which is apparently some sort of seemingly complicated circuit has been known to affect the tone of the pickup even when it is not engaged (when its turned off). I think I am experiencing this problem based on volume output and measurements of DC resistance. The bridge dominates the tone when both pickups are on.

    Neck PU - 8 kohms at leads, 137 kohms through guitar cable. Ideally this PU should be around 13-14 kohms.
    Bridge PU - 14 kohms at leads, 14 kohms through guitar cable

    I am having trouble finding anyone who knows much of anything about the circuit and how it actually operates, and finally how to most easily (but properly) disengage it. It only manipulates the neck pickup. There is a transformer or coil (not sure which) in the pocket where the pickup rests which is part of the suck switch circuit.

    Here are some picks of the bass and pickups

    And I have attached an image of the transformer which rests in the pickup pocket. Its someone elses bass, but similar to mine.

    I've been talking with some people over at Lets Talk Guild but haven't gotten too far when it comes to fully understanding this crazy little switch. So figured I should see if anyone here knows anything at all.


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  2. 96tbird

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    Just run the pickup leads direct to the selector and straight to the pots.
  3. My Rivoli had the same type switch and when Instagator restored and rewired the bass he did not replace the switch and I haven 't missed it. The bass is 1 mudbucker , volume and tone.

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