Guillermo Gregorio / Damon Smith / Jerome Bryerton in St. Louis & Chicago

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  1. "As we move into the 21st Century the work of Guillermo Gregorio will take on an added significance. This is a serious artist whose work has evolved separate from the manipulation of the marketplace - in the real tradition of personal dedication & continued research (and "esoteric radiance")Mr. Gregorio is a virtuoso master of the highest order - this is true of both his instrumental & composing abilities. The music of Guillermo Gregorio gives insight into the post-modern time continuum & the complex path & challenge of Creative music involvement"

    - Anthony Braxton December 1997

    Two Concerts with Gregorio / Smith / Bryerton

    St.Louis 9/24:

    Chicago 9/25:


    Trio video:
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  2. Chicago tonight!
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