Guitar Amp + Bass Cabs or Bass Combo?

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  1. Okay, there's been a lot of this around recently, but after many searches I'm still curious.

    Here's the situation:
    I need a good solid amp, but am on relatively limited funds. I have a choice of buying a medium price bass combo (ie a 1x15 200-300 watts) or something a little more unorthodox:

    Yes, I refer to the dreaded guitar amp + bass cabs setup. I know a lot people think this sounds appalling, but I kind of like playing through valve guitar amps. Besides, Entwistle got away with it for ages!

    The problem is that all-valve bass amps generally start at about £1000 (thats about $1500 folks). However , you can get a 100 watt all-valve guitar amp over here in Britain for £400.
    I can even get a proper bass cab to go with it (I know guitar speakers pop out of the front of the cab as soon as soon as you plug a bass into them!).

    The thing is, 100 watts of all-valve power is fine for guitar, but would it cut it as a bass amp, due to the fact that basses just sound quieter and so usually need a bigger amp?

    Bear in mind that this setup is competing with a 200 watt bass combo, which is hardly electrifying itself.

    Which do you reckon would be louder?

    200 watt Solid State Bass Combo
    100 watt All-Valve Guitar Amp + Bass Cab

    ("Tone" is not such an issue in this case)
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    i have my stuff for sale!
    what i just saw that you are in england