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  1. I was recording with my band last weekend in the home studio of a friend of a friend. The guy we were recording with said that he had an amp I could use, and that I shouldn't lug over my 4x10 rig just to lay down a few tracks, so I decided to use his amp.

    When I got there he showed me the amp I was supposed to use: a Fender 2x10 GUITAR combo. I plugged in, and the sound was AWESOME. EXTREMELY punchy and articulate, yet thick with a great high end sound, with both a great slap and fingerstyle tone. The only problem was an expected loss of low range definition.

    This got me thinking...would adding, say, a 2x10 guitar cab to my stack add a lot of punch to my sound and improve my high end sound? Has anyone tried this? I think I remember an article in BP from a few years ago about a guy that did this. I think it was Dug Pinnick or something.

    Is there any way to divert my low end frequencies to a bass cab, and my high end frequencies to a guitar cab? I think I'm on to something here! :hyper:
  2. What you would want is a crossover feeding the high signal to a guitar amp and cab and the low to a bass amp and cab

    The guitar cab isnt what was giving you the nicer higher sound, it was probably the amp
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    I think if you look for a piece of equipment called a Crossover (Or "X-over") it splits the sound into to different sections - Like you get on cabs with horns in them, the treble frequencies go to the horn and the bass frequencies go to the bass driver. I think you can get rackmount crossovers - but I don't know anything more about that...

    As an interesting point, I tried a similar thing with my brother's Marshall AVT-100 guitar amp when my old bass amp died, and the sound I got from it was so creamy... it was amazing!

    Edit: Sorry! I was too slow there
  4. Well, do you guys think that using a crossover with a guitar and bass stack would sound good?

    I'm the newbie here
  5. Its been done before, and if you like that extra high end then why not!
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    What has been done along these lines is to run stereo with a guitar amp taking the top and bass amp the bottom - lot more work/investment than a cross-over but the amp has a lot to do with the tone. Something along the lines of a Fender Bassman with basically a bass and guitar channel would cut it down to one amp but you'll probably need a lot more power to drive the bottom half than top.

    I've got a little THD Univalve guitar amp I play bass through. It will handle 40Hz frequencies (some guitar amps will) but there's still a strade-off sometimes in terms of getting the top and bottom half where I want it - depending on the pup. I've never ran top half through it and bottom half through like the qsc but I might try that out for kicks and grins.