Guitar Center financial woes - interesting read on multiple levels

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    First paragraphs below ...

    It is the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday, and I am thinking about Guitar Center.

    If the above sentence appears strange to you, we are in the same boat. I do not know how bizarre and random your life appears to you, but mine is definitely some sort of mysterious fractal. About four months ago, I was elected by the Internet to the position of United Nations Ambassador to Guitar Center. I made a simple, off hand comment about how I was surprised that the company was doing poorly despite all of the gear I bought there, and then the two separate streams of my life – music and business analysis – slammed together. Thousands of people began conflating my life as a somewhat decent bassist with my expertise in strategic forecasting. Now, with every development in the musical instrument industry, I have a flurry of emails and phonecalls from all levels of the business. It is surprising, fun, and as I now discover, significant of a much larger story.
  2. I hate shopping there, I don't like the corporate interest that owns it, although I'm sure I wouldn't like the corporate interests that own MOST of the places I shop... the one near me isn't terrible, the store manager is an awesome awesome dude, but it's where the money ends up that I dont like. Problem is, mom and pops don't have the gear or selection I need/want.