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  1. Ok, so I have been reading a lot about this whole string club stuff in every GC catalogue I get, and I have looked it up, but it still makes no sense. Ok, so, you pay $20, and you get $5 worth of strings every month. Great, right? So, how is it you can just walk in, sign up, and get $60 worth of strings for just $20? I mean, I have seen that you have to buy the strings each month to get the $5, but still. I can try a damn lot of strings that way. Get a new set each month, and have enough string to last me three to four years. What's the catch? Do they limit you to what brands you can buy, or make you buy sets that cost more than $5, or makes you have to buy certain items with your strings for them to count, or what??? :eyebrow: There is hardly anything on the internet. There has to be more to this than just getting $40 in string for free... :bag:
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    Feb 13, 2014
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    As someone who works for Guitar Center i can say there isn't much of a catch. You do have to use it every month so in the case of bass strings it's only $5 off so I never even pitched it to bass players because I personally don't replace strings often enough on my main bass for it to be worth it. Some people with multiple instruments would get a lot of use out of it to cycle string changes. Or they would stock up on discounted strings.
    It's mainly useful for guitarists because its a free pack of strings a month so even if they don't need them they'll always have spares.

    Really no catch though. Just good marketing to get you to come in once a month.
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    As an employee (like Zombifer) I can confirm that there isn't a catch. The idea is that the average person is going to come in every month for the strings and buy other stuff as well so we make money. But if you just come in and buy strings and nothing else every month, you are absolutely getting $60 worth for $20.
  4. Wow, really? Nice. Although I don't think I would use it for bass strings, but maybe I might. I do have a guitar and an acoustic, though, so I would love to try some eb's and elixers and daddarios and martins and dunlops and... Oh my, the tones I could test out and stock up on... I can think of a lot of electric sets under five bucks. How much money does this cost you guys to do? Or is it considered part of your marketing costs?
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    Corporate covers it. The sales person gets a dollar for every string club sold. One of the few ways to make money as a Guitar Center exployee.