Guitar Craft Courses - NJ, January 2006

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    Two Guitar Craft courses are being offered January 21-26, in Mahwah New Jersey.

    Introduction to Guitar Craft: Curt Golden and Sandra Bain Cushman
    Introduction to Kitchen Craft: Patrick Smith, with Sandra Bain Cushman and Curt Golden


    Guitar Craft is three things:

    A way to develop a relationship with the guitar;
    A way to develop a relationship with music;
    A way to develop a relationship with oneself.

    Music is a benevolent presence constantly and readily available to all, but we are not constantly and readily available to music. Where there is a certain intensity of application our state can change, and at this point we may find music waiting. So, how to reach this point? The direction of attention is fundamental: little is possible without attention. Relaxation is fundamental: little is possible when we are tense. In a relaxed state with our attention engaged we begin to be sensitive to the needs of the moment. Work with attention is related to the cultivation of a sense of our personal presence, in a relaxed and alert condition.

    The Introduction To Guitar Craft is open to all levels of experience, even none at all: the requirement is commitment. We ask that participants come with a clear aim, and the commitment to honor that aim. Emphasis is on how to play, rather than what to play. We address the principles underlying our practice. These principles are applicable in other areas of our lives.

    The Course is open to anyone that wishes to attend. No previous experience necessary. The New Standard Tuning and several basic Guitar Craft techniques will be presented. This Course is required of anyone who wishes to attend a Level One Guitar Craft Course with Robert Fripp. It is also recommended for anyone with prior experience in Guitar Craft who feels the need to continue their work, or to reconnect.


    “It is easy to forget that work in the kitchen is sacred: life dies that life might continue. The sheer pressure of delivering meals on time to hungry eaters, diet fetishists and gastro diners, is similar to the pressures placed on professional musicians: music is not a commodity and performance is not a commercial event, despite all evidence to the contrary.” (Robert Fripp, August 23rd, 2005)

    This Course is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Patrick Smith will direct the course, and present basic techniques. Sandra Bain Cushman will be present the Alexander Technique as a way of learning the correct use of the body. Opportunities exist for those of all levels of experience in the Kitchen to deepen and broaden their practice. Personal initiative will be encouraged and nurtured. The Kitchen Team will be supporting a relatively small course, providing us a unique opportunity to experiment and improvise. How far we take this work will depend on the character of the participants.

    For DETAILS and APPLICATION INFORMATION on these and all other Guitar Craft courses, visit the Guitar Craft website, or contact the registrar at gcnafac(at)
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    Does this have anything to do with Robert Fripp? He had a Guitar craft column in GP years ago and some course to go with it.
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    i wish i could be there...i grew up in ridgewood but i live way far away now...happy geetar crafting!
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    (it mentions him twice. . . . ;) )
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    Of course!

    I was just bumping it up so it wouldn't be buried. :ninja: