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guitar fretboards 25.5 fender scale

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by strangedejavu, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. I am broke and need to sell some lumber...

    These boards will be slotted .023 and sanded to 1/4" thick, square on all edges and joined on the long faces...

    Pick your wood:Indian Rosewood (very straight grained and beautiful)
    Ebony (very solid jet black)
    Figured Bubinga
    Curly Maple

    Will throw in binding all milled and sanded dead on to 1/4" wide by .060 thick and 34" long:
    Jet black ebony: 7 dollars a piece
    Indian Rosewood: 7 dollars a piece
    lightly figured maple: 5.00 a piece

    Pricing as follows:
    Ebony boards 30 each
    Indian rosewood 20 each
    curly maple 25 each
    bubinga 25 each
    plus shipping

    Discounts if you buy more than one
  2. prices can also include a 12" radius if you would like, just let me know!
  3. two of the actual fretboard blanks that are up for grabs, both beautiful indian rosewood... I will do 15 bucks plus shipping each for these if you do not need them radiused and just want them slotted

    also here is a zebrawood board up for grabs, a hair under 1/4 sanded... I was gonna use this for a flat radiused board...

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  4. one ebony board has some lighter streaks on it... really cool looking

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  5. All four boards above slotted w no radius 100
  6. Indian rosewood now 15 plus shipping
    bubinga 20
    curly maple 20
    ebony 25

    let me know!
  7. 105 shipped for 5 boards slotted to 25.5 I have one zebra wood left, 4 bubinga, 2 rosewood and 4 curly maple left!
  8. Pics of the curly maple and the bubinga?

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