Guitar head as back up!!!?

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  1. Well today I plugged my Mesa DC-5 guitar tube head into my 6x10 cab and all I can say is wow. That diry nasty overdriven full stony sound is there from my guitar head that I use as a hobby. It cant quite stand up to my SVT3 as far as volume or clean tone but man that warm dirt is there and plenty for small venues. Hell now all i need to do is figure how to incorporate my 4x12 guitar cab into the mix and im set for ultimate tone possibilities. Id advise this as backup ampage or just recording/small venue tone options. it also helps that my guitar head had an 80hz slider on the graphic EQ and that really made things sound full. :hyper:
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    Sep 7, 2000
    If the SVT3 has a tuner out, you could send that to the Mesa...
  3. WHoa... where are you going with this?
  4. Any opinions or idea for a monster rig would be awesome.
  5. Ummm blow what? he hast even said what he thought should be run. So whats going on?
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    Sep 7, 2000
    You could run both amp's simultaneously, like many bassists do by connecting the SVT3 and 610 as you normally do, plug your instrument into the Ampeg, then take an instrument cable from the tuner out and run it to the Mesa which will power the 4x12. You'll want/need to roll off the low end on the Mesa (pull down on the 80 Hz slider this time) to protect the guitar speakers, but beyond that you should be fine.

    The Mesa isn't really designed to pump out massive low end so I really don't think you have to worry about it beyond turning down either the bass control or the 80 Hz EQ slider.

    If you place a Volume pedal in the effects loop or between preamp and power amp on the Mesa, you can blend in the distorted tone...or set the clean master to 0 and use the channel switching footswitch to engage the lead channel when you want to add distortion.

    Have fun!!!!
  7. ......WOW... :bassist: I always hated the tweeter on the ampeg anyway :spit: Sounds awesome with the half closed/half open old mesa cab I have.. no more annoying tweeter excess just clear highs thanks man.
  8. Cant I just keep my tuner connected and use my DI out pre eq, and send that to the mesa??
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    Sep 7, 2000
    Yep! You might need a microphone impedance transformer to cover the signal from unbalanced to balanced. Make sure that if you have a choice, us a -20 dBV signal (instrument level).

    I have done that with my former Ampeg SVT-350H and a Marshall stack...the Mesa would probably work better...
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    Oh I thought if you run a bass through guitar amp it blows. But what are you talking about?
    You know a simple No would have helped.
    Shame on you :crying:
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    If you try to run a bass's normal fequencies through a guitar cab, then yes, you'll have issues. But if you only run the higher fequencies through said cab (ergo the biamping BillyB is talking about) then you'll be fine.
  12. Well first off Im trying to figure out how to runa bi amp rig like the thread says so i dont know why your all in a fuss. And Id be more worried about the Cab rather then the amp.
    And my DI is built in with a 1/4 inch out. are you saying I cant use this 1/4 to 1/4 in put into the mesa? So the line out is different between the DI and the Tuner??
  13. BillyB_from_LZ

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    Sep 7, 2000
    If the 1/4 in. DI is instrument level, then just run a cable from it to the Mesa.

    I'd be careful with low end and the Mesa, another bassist here has been playing around with a Mesa guitar power amp and someone warned him that it would sound good until he blew up the output transformers with excessive low end. You just want to use yours for distortion while still using your Ampeg for clean...if you keep the low end in check on the distorted rig you'll be fine.

    The assumption that playing bass through a guitar cab guarantees destruction is a bit over the top. There are plenty of bassists who have spent their careers playing through guitar cabs...Chris Squire in the early Yes days using Sunn guitar heads and 6x12 guitar cabinets...Steve Harris using EVM 12L guitar speakers in 4x12 cabinets, etc. You just have to watch what you're doing and not expect a wall-of-18s low end out of a 4x12 sealed guitar cabinet on a 5 string bass...what will create smoke and confetti.

    Any way....
  14. Cool I have a line level on the DI so I can adjust that. Otherwise I am using the channel ont eh emsa for dirty and using the clean channel on mesa for just a better cleaner high end sound that dosent snap like a tweeter. My cab is a halfback cab half enclosed half open and its really makes the rig sound louder when i cut the low from the guitar cab and use it properly. My roomate just was like wow, his description was that my bass rig went from low,tight and punchy to a soaring type sound that carried the bass thru the whole house cause all of the upper frq werent being held captive in an ampeg cab. the sound just opened up it was great. Pain in the butt for gigs but for practice and recording its a great sound. Thanks man. I hit the mute button on my bass rig and adjust the mesa to the right flavor then dial in my bass rig for solid lows..... ok Well I just went and tried it thru the DI 1/4 inch out and the signal was weak as heck even with the line adjust maxed out. I dont thing ampeg heads are well known for there DI's but is the balanced line out that much stronger if I was running to a board? I havent had signal issues before in big venues but If needed Ill get another DI for that. Anyway the tuner out sounds the strongerst for now . thanks again.
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    Dec 29, 2003
    Windsor, Ont, Canada

    Of course you ca.................. ***RUNS:help: AWAY***
  16. huh? ***?
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    Jan 22, 2004
    you could just get an a/b/y box ($30) and kill the lows on the mesa, that'd leave you with your tuner slot
  18. Thanks to all that have helped.