No longer available Guitar Madness Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups. New, Unopened!

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    Here’s a set of unopened, Guitar Madness, Noiseless Ceramic, Jazz Bass Pickups. I got these off theBay a couple of weeks ago, but they look a little too modern for the bass I was considering them for.

    I didn’t open the package, but the mounting screws inside look a little long, so you may want to consider using your original set.

    Here’s some info from the listing:
    Brand new set of J-Bass Pickups. Noiseless, and Hum free alos add a more compressed sound while the ceramic magnet gives back that clarity and percussive sound.
    Ceramic Magnets
    Resistance: Neck:7.2k ohms.
    Bridge:7.4k ohms
    Black Covers

    Your PayPal payment gets it shipped to your lower 48th US state via USPS w/Tracking.


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