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    Jun 15, 2002
    I happen to live 2 blocks walking distance to the best guitar shop I and anyone I bring to it have found... personnaly spending money elsewhere, other than this shop.. i.e. chain stores seems rediculous.. there is real feelings for music in this shops it seems...its not just a store..

    I visit this place semi-often they recognize me... and its nice them offering to hook anything up, and i dont need to ask just "have a ball, turn it up bang it around a bit" with anything i want..... usually nobody in there and if it is, its been someone who you could play music with... if you were so enclined or just talk, big chairs with arms, very comfortable atmoshphere

    always a new thing every visit, the last visit i made one of the older men who owns the shop brought out HIS personal guitar as my friend and i were playing with other stuff, and he told us to play it, hed like us to.... it was a 1966 sunburst fender strat, that had went thru a terrible fire and was thrown out by the fire dept it ended up in 3 pieces..took 4 months to restore and was the most beat up guitar ive seen, but easily the best sounding electric....

    i felt very amazed he let my play his own guitar walking away for 10mins comming back turning up the amp *yeh you like that dont you? your having too much fun! we are gonna have to charge you extra!*

    its this kind of thing you dont get at other shops, the big named ones, and if at all similar happens its not the same intimate enviroment not feeling as genuine, with the 20foot cielings and kids banging on drums and all...

    anyways the point of this thread...

    Share your guitar/music shop stories and the name of your fav shop and where it is.. help people find a great shop like i did, not big named stores, like Guitar Center, or Sam Ash!

    Yeh, i dont rem the address! but Perrys Music in Villa Park (outside of chicago) is my fav! great place
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    Sep 4, 2000
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  3. damn that place makes the bass centre in london look pathetic, then again the bass centre sold and set up basses for john entwistle, Nathan East, Doug Wimbish, Pino Pallidino, Mark King, so not that pathetic i guess
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    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany