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    Apr 10, 2012
    Very new to the bass scene and brand new to this site. Hope I'm posting in the correct section, if not then please direct me to the correct one.
    I did some searches and can't find the answer I'm looking for. The question seems to be an obvious one to me but I can't find the answer.
    If I buy Guitar Pro can I import songs from say Itunes or a cd or something similar and then will Gpro convert it and display it on the screen so that I can play along and learn the bass line ? slow it down etc...
    I'm not interested in recording so much as just learning songs. I see the Gpro tabs net but it only has about 3 songs I've ever even heard of.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Also if there is a better software for my purposes please let me know what it is
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    It will open guitar pro files, power tab files, and I think MIDI files.

    I use tuxguitar (similar to guitar pro but free) and get tabs from or there's also a program called transcribe that slows down songs really well to learn a song from a recording.

    911Tabs - tabs search engine // 3,500,000 tabs
    Tux Guitar
  3. i've had pretty decent luck with using ultimateguitardotcom and getting guitar pro files

    keep in mind one guitar pro file usually has most of the instruments

    that being said... i've found some pretty sad files ... some where the imported midi was way off from the studio recording.

    i usually just google "insert title of song here" guitar pro and something pops up.
  4. +1 for Tux Guitar. It can read Power tabs and guitar pro files and it's free!
  5. Just to be crystal clear... the answer to your direct question is NO. :)

    Guitar Pro (or any other software, as far as most of us have been able to find) cannot directly import a audio file (MP3 or from an audio CD), strip out everything but the bass line, and then render that line on-screen for play-along purposes.

    What most of us do is a combination of:

    1) find a good transcription on previously posted Guitar Pro can import various tab files etc... and sites like Ultimate Guitar have a good selection of native Guitar Pro files.

    2) transcribe the tune by hand... often with the benefit of software that slows it down, has a way to help diminish tones other than the bass part, etc.
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Thanks to all.
  7. Staccato

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    Aug 14, 2009
    For the thousands of rock, funk, and other Guitar Pro songs available online, this is the single best way to practice learn a song note by note.

    The software illustrates notes on a bass neck (or guitar), and you can select a slower tempo (slow motion), and loop a small part of the song to learn it in pieces. Great software-get the CD in stores or the mail, and avoid the download that has no CD backup.
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    Sep 14, 2007
    I have and love GP6 and like Vince said, it cant import an MP3 and auto tab it for you (no program can do this). I have had lots of luck finding good tabs on several sites, just do a google search for "songtitle guitar pro tab" and you will most likely find what you need (depending on how popular the song you are searching for. If its a speed metal song from a Norwegian black metal band hardly anyone has ever heard of, chance are you wont find a good GP tab)

    However, even though I use it and find it invaluable for learning songs quickly for my cover bands, I recommend trying to figure out songs by ear first. I spent years doing that before there was an internet and I am so glad I did. Then use GP to help fill in the missing parts.
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    Oct 7, 2011
    Or try Songsterr, I find that quite nice for learning the bass lines and playing along. I also bought GP6, it's nice for writing my own stuff, but damn it has a lot of bugs... random crashes on startup, messed up MIDI exports and imports, awkward effects tweaking...

    Anyway, playing along with one of these tools is fine in the beginning, but later on it's much better to print the tab and play from that (and from memory). This way you'll practice your beat feeling instead of watching the progress indicator move over the bars and reacting to that.
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    This is more suitable in Tablature. Moved.
  11. M Sharp

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    May 24, 2013
    Can tuxguitar be used in the ipad?

    Can Guitar Pro on ipad the ipad version import MIDI files and tabs?