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Guitar Style!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Lazy, Jun 16, 2001.

  1. Lazy


    May 30, 2001
    Vancouver BC
    I used to play lead guitar and switched to the bass. A friend of mine who's played bass for quite sometime now says that I play the bass too much like a guitar and that I should "relearn" the bass. I play fingerstyle but use alot of bends,hammer ons and pull offs. He said that I'm using them too much and playing in one position all the time. How can I get out of this rut, in the back of my mind I know what he's talking about and I'm afraid it's holding me back! He says I should just go back to the guitar cuz my style is better suited for that. Is there any room for lead guitar techniques in the land of low end?
  2. It can help yes. Thats my opinion, see many bassists were guitarists, or so i am told from the early days hehehe. But you already have the ground work set, so you are familiar with fret board positions etc.

    I guess now you just have to get into "the groove" of bass playing, rather than just playing. Bass playing is very much a feel instrument, you may be able to play all the notes, but you have to become what your playing in a sense. It sounds tripped out i know.

    What i am saying is, if you want to play bass, then play bass, work on getting the feel of the bass line, being it a walking bass line or a pedalling one. Walking is always good to get the groove.


    Stick with it dude, One day (and fairly soon because u don't have to learn fundamentals of guitar playing) it'll click. :p
  3. Yeah, what merls said! :D

    But seriously, I think the most important part of bass is the groove. Once you've got the groove, you can spice it up & make it one helluva spicy groove, as long as the groove is still there.

    I can't see myself making it as a solo artist (at least not yet. :D) because I'm not into the whole flashy thing. I prefer to stick to the groove, and let the other guys show off if they want. If you give me my solo segment in a song, then I'll come up with something flashier. Otherwise, it's back into the groove, with me.

    Dang. Now the word 'groove' is starting to sound weird...:p
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    And what, pray tell, is "wrong" with that?
    A lot of groovers "stay put"; the fretting hand may look lazy(?) while the plucking hand is takin' care of business. ;)
    Too, a decent warm-up is playing a 12-bar Blues. walking style, in ONE position(on a 4-string bass, you would utilize all 16 notes under your fingers).

    Guitar & bass, IMO, require different philosophies...if I were you, I'd really start paying a lot of attention to rhythm & the drummer; pick up some drum books & attempt playing the beats. Check out music that is very rhythmic...like Latin/Afro-Cuban stuff; there's also some helpful books out there that touch on these topics.
    Granted, you can always play bass the way YOU hear it...

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