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    The band I'm in now has been going for about 7 months (I've been on board for about 5) and it's been going ok. The biggest problem is our guitarist. He has one of those wonderful personalities where sometimes he just can't keep his mouth shut when he really should. He and the other two guys have tried 3 times before to form a band and it always comes down to him being a d**K. He's said he's really tried to examine himself as a person and why he behaves like he does so they've given him a chance. Anyway, the other day we had a wicked practice and decided to lay down some bass tracks to our new tune. As I'm recording he and our drummer are talking in the background and I'm getting really, really annoyed. So I politely ask our singer (and soundman) if I could have some headphones to block out he noise. Anyway, the guit player says something along the lines of "Why don't we just record some other day, everyone's being a little b*tch today anyway". Needless to say, I knew it was directed at me and I lost it. I'm a bit of a hot-head as is but the key difference is I never, ever start sh*t with others. I went for a little stroll, came back inside, and verbally laid into him pretty hard. He goes on to explain that he was really upset over some gig poster stuff with the promoter of our next (and first) show and was just kind of looking to pick a fight. He apologized profusely to me and the other guys and even texted me later saying he felt like a real d-bag. If we hadn't had shows coming up, I probably would have walked then and there. As is, I think he's on kind of thin ice with the others guys as well. People's attitudes are what made me quit music for 2 years and honestly, I'm just not willing to put up with it anymore. The saddest part is he's 39 and I'm 24. So any other stories/venting/advice is more than welcome.

    I feel better already :p
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    Trying to work toward a common goal with someone who's a jerk is frustrating to no end. I won't do it anymore.
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    Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but at age 39 he's not gonna grow out of it when he matures. If he picks a fight with you over frustration with someone or something else then the guys has issues. It's a form of projection and he needs more than just self examination. If he does that all the time he needs professional help.

    In addition to being selfish and immature he's also very inconsiderate of your feelings and those of your band mates. Find yourselves another guitarist. Without help he won't change his ways.