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    Nov 15, 2001
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    I may have just done the stupidest thing imaginable for my (wannabe) musical career.

    I play for a metal band that has a good fan base, recieved minimal label interest and is regarded as one of the better local acts. When we were recording our demo last spring, our vocalist and songwriter/guitarist got into a fight which resulted in said guitarist's absence from recording. This absence, in addition to missing a lot of practices led to booting the guy. The band carried on playing shows without him, playing his material under the monkier that he came up with. Show by show we became less enthusiastic and our performances got sloppy. We somehow "acquired" a guitarist who began to lead us in a technical death metal direction, but the drummer and myself were not interested. We decided to get back together with the old guitar player and play stuff that we believe truly has promise. The guitarist is a good guy, but does have some demons to deal with. Anyways, ever since we dropped the other guys (vox and 2 guitars) the old guitar player keeps on missing jams. Because there is only three of us rent is higher and i just can't afford to not jam. I'm thinking that going back with this guy was not the thing to do, and am planning to quit by rent time next month if things don't improve. But this guy does come up with INSANE damn good riffs and people are interested in us. Should i stick it out, maybe find a cheaper jam spot and see this through or cut my losses? Im pretty sure of what im going to do, i just need to hear it from others.
  2. Since the vocalist is gone, we would have to ask why the guitarist is missing practices. Is it due to other problems or is he just lazy or unenthusiastic?
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    Nov 15, 2001
    Victoria, BC Canada
    I really didn't want to say it, but here goes:

    The guitarist had a drug problem and that's why he missed so many in the past. We made sure he was clean before rejoining with him, but im starting to suspect that he is still doing them. His excuses so far for missing jams: He cut up his hand in a fight, his toilet broke and now he has the flu. We've jammed twice since we got him back. Edit: But there is no shortage of enthusiasm. When he is there, it is nothing short of magic.
  4. If you stick with them and you guys get gigs and stuff, I don't think it will be that good if one member has a major drug problem that could result in him getting busted and you not having him and if he is getting in fights it WONT look good for you image either. I'd ditch him and find some people who are dedicated to making music, even if they aren't that good, because people CAN improve if they really want to. ~ Tyler
  5. I would probably give the guy an ultimatum and say if he misses two more practices he's out. Tell him you aren't buying his excuses (they sound lame) and call him on it. No matter how good he is of a guitar player, if he isn't committed to the band you aren't going to go anywhere. You need to get him to commit to practice, etc. and shake the drug problem. Otherwise you're just wasting time.
  6. keep him, wait till he OD's and dies. take his riffs. sounds sad but hey man it's not like he's your family. :)
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    Jun 15, 2002

    Which drugs?

    Depending on the drug I think it would be naive to say you 'made sure he was clean'.

    Depending on the drug I would say its naive to think taking away the drugs would make him a better more responsible band-mate, or someone you would even like to be around.

    Depending on the drug, it could mean nothing for the band at all and could have nothing to do with them not showing up for gigs/jams/practice.

    (What im getting at is, depending on what drug they are having 'problems' with, your decision of whether to take them in would likely change.)

    Ive dealt with my own and others drug usage and I dont feel the problem in anyone is the drug, its what causes the person to use the drug. That pre-existing cause usually decides which drug to use, thereby deciding if they have hope for the future or not is usually decided on which drug they use.
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    Dec 11, 1999
    You are relying on other people who are gifted and unreliable or who are reliable and less gifted.

    Unless you start writing stuff yourself and take control of the material/band/direction you will always have the same problem or a variation of it.