$*(&@! guitarists!! has this damaged my rig?

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  1. so I caved at a show in the weekend and let the support band's guitarist run his signal through my Mesa 400+ rig as well as his own stack. I was a bit nervous about it, as higher frequencies shake the speakers around a lot more, but he assured me that he does it all the time and it'd be fine.

    of course their set consisted of some pretty treble-spanking guitar work and I was starting to freak out a bit, but when we stepped up to play I plugged my bass in and it sounded fine...


    half way through our set I've got crackling speakers and suddenly lose half my output volume. towards the end of the set it comes back to full volume, but I guess this guitarist d*ck has screwed something. If this is the case, will I have to order a new speaker(s) from Mesa (I've got a 4x10 quad)?

    Has anyone had this happen before? Should bass players not let guitarists do this as a rule? I need some talkbass.com condolences ;(
  2. I don't know of anything that would get damaged in a bass rig running a guitar except maybe the tweeter (if it has one). I can understand you're upset but he did ask and you did agree :meh: .

    That sux!
  3. Sorry to hear it dude,

    I've let guitarists (i know, and under my supervision too :ninja: ) use my stuff before, and never had a problem.

    Could this have been a power related problem?
    Have you used the amp with different cabs to isolate the problem?
    I had a problem like this a fair while back, and all it was in the end was a faulty speaker cable.
    Good luck
  4. I'm still trying to figure out why the guitarist needed to run through your amp as well as his? :confused:
  5. It doesn't sound to me like he damaged your cab. The speakers in a 4x10 shouldn't have been hurt by high frequencies. It sounds more like you just happen to have a bad connection somewhere in there, which is easy enough to fix.

    That's a good thought. A speaker cable is probably the easiest thing to break.
  6. How much power is the amp compared to the speakers? If he was running the thing loud enough for the output to distort, you could conceivably blow the speakers, but I'd think that would have shown up immediately. Not halfway through your show.

    Nothing in the highs that should break the speakers, guitar speakers can't handle the excursion required for bass, but guitar is an easy assignment for a bass driver.

    I vote for speaker cable, loose connection also.

  7. +1 :confused:
  8. David Vega

    David Vega

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    I never loan my speakers!! Maybe the head, and under very big eye ball supervision

    sorry!! man!! :rolleyes:
  9. that's great guys, thanks- very reassuring!

    he didnt have the amp too cranked, so I doubt there was overload of any kind. the cabinet is second hand and I only bought it a few weeks ago so I might take it in to get it checked out.

    but it was my call for him to use it, and I definately wont make that call again. he seemed to think that because they were only a two-piece hooking up to the bass rig would give their sound more grunt, but it didnt make much difference.

    i just hope my cab's ok!!
  10. ras1983


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    Several guitarists that i have known play their guitar through bass rigs, and they haven't had the slightest problem. i think SRV used to do that aswell. i can't see that as being the reason for your problems.

    Check the 1/4 jack on your bass, make sure it is tightened and that the jack is making full contact with the lead. over time a component in the jack loosens up and may not 100% contact with the lead, causing distortion or broken signals.
  11. Petebass


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    I tend to agree.

    Either way, tell him to buy his own darn bass amp, or to go through the PA...........
  12. It sounds to me like some preamp tubes were rattling around probabally, or maybe the speaker cable was loose, or possibly a bad cable or jack somewhere, check your battery if your using active electronics.
  13. buzzbass


    Apr 23, 2003
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    It really sounds more like you have a bad cable or connection in your cabinet.
  14. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
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    Why?! Most of us are telling you that it's fine to put guitar through our cabs.

    What? You have one 'scare' that turns out to be most-likely un-related to this guitarist (do you have some other reason to call him names? Is he still a dick?), and you'll never let a guitarist plug into your amp again?

    Some folks should get a perspective on things. I could just make a wrong step, twist my ankle (oh - you seem to have torn a little ligament, here; ah - we'll just puta little screw in there...), and end-up maxing-out my $1000 insurance deductable - BANG! Just like that. I could have my tranny fry on my way home from band practice: BANG! ..there-goes a new 1000RB head, or a nice used bass or Bag End sub - down-the-toilet.

    How'bout instead of "never again", we excercise some WISDOM AND JUDGEMENT on a case-by-case basis!

  15. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
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    Yes in deed!

    I heard a killer setup once - it was a 1X15 bass combo on the bottom (I think maybe 'Road'-brand?), and something like a fender champ on top. The bottom ran clean, but it had a built-in crossover with a seperate output for the high end to drive the champ. There was an overdrive pedal on the floor. The guitar was a Les Paul style.


  16. The fender bassman is the best example showing that you can play guitar through a bass rig. that's not reciprocal, though..

    It shouldn't hurt anything(except the tweeters...) but if the man really cranks the amp I don't know... maybe new stuff are more specially designed to work better with the right instrument.
  17. Also check if your amp speaker washer connections are tight. The same thing happened to mine. And I found that the washer was loose. After tightning it, it worked fine.
  18. I've had some similar troubles with my combo (not b/c of guitarists or anything) and im thinking its my input jack b/c when i bought my bass i had one of the salesdudes touch up the input jack a touch to emliminate the dispearing volume problem. So check out your connections, input jack, cables, and other stuff before you blame it on the guitarists little diddy on your rig!
  19. Its all well and good to check for loose connections and bad cables and whatnot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't beat up that guitar player just in case.

  20. a 4X10 can be wired in a Series/Parallel combination where 2 speakers are feeding from the same feed from the jack, ie : Jack --> Speaker 1 --> Speaker 2. What has probably happened is one of the quick-connects between the jack and Speaker 1 has come loose. Its easy to fix, if you have a jack-plate, remove it and you now have access to the rear of your speakers where the quick-connects are.

    - Andrew