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Gut Core Strings on Acoustic Bass (experiment results)

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Lokire, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I've been thinking of trying it for a long time, and finally got up the nerve to buy an expensive single string to experiment with :ninja:

    So I got a single Pirastro Oliv (gut) Cello G-string.

    This one:

    My acoustic bass is a 30" scale, and Cellos are pretty close to that, so I figured it would be my best bet.

    It fits very nicely! It has a knotted end with a sort of loop, but the knot fits right into slot in the bridge and holds tightly there. The silk wrapping at the bridge end (as expected) extends a couple inches past the saddle. I think it looks cool that way. I love the silk wrappings on orchestral strings, so much cooler than bass guitar strings :p

    I have it tuned down to D right now, where it has about the right tension for my taste. It's a silver flatwound wrapped gut string, and it's easily the smoothest flatwound I've ever handled.

    Tonally, it sounds pretty similar to the TI Acousticores that are on the bass (though they're about a year old now). A little less definition, but also a little 'bigger' and warmer sounding, especially up higher on the neck. A bit less of that fretless 'buzz' that I get from the TIs too.

    So I'm not sure what my conclusion is yet. I'll play around with it some more; different tunings, let it break in a bit, and see how things go. If nothing else, just being able to say 'I'm using Gut core cello strings on my bass', is pretty sweet :D
  2. And because I know it doesn't exist if you don't see it...


  3. Thats pretty sweet! My sister plays chello, maybe I can grab a set of strings from her....

    Let us know how it turns out! especially if you put em on all four strings
  4. On a totally different topic - I love you're custom bass! Is there a thread about it already? If not, can you tell me what the heck all those knobs and switches do? I looks amazing...

    and like it could take over russia..
  5. Ok, tuned down to A, this string sounds awesome. About the same tension as the other strings now. Super deep sounding, lots of fundamental. And almost zero finger noise through the piezos :D

    I think the matching Cello C-string (lowest string on a Cello) would be a perfect match for the E string on this bass. The Cello D might work well tuned down a 5th for the Bass G. And then maybe another Cello G (tuned down a 4th) for the D. I think the Cello D tuned down an octave might not be best.

    Maybe if I'm feeling good, I'll order the Cello C next week and see how that goes for an E. If I budget one string every payday maybe I won't feel so bad about spending $200 for a set of 'experimental' strings :ninja:
  6. DavidMP


    May 8, 2006
    Alberta, Canada
    Hi Lokire,

    Just curious as to how your experiment is going. Any updates?
  7. I got the C-string and used that as an E for a while. A little loose, though it was the medium gauge C. There's a heavy gauge one that I could custom order, but that would take a few weeks to get.

    For now, I have my Thomastik-Infeld Acousticore set (EAGC) back on the bass, since I don't want to get too much uneven wear on the strings, by only using half the set.

    I like the tone and feel of the Cello strings, so I'll keep getting new gauges occasionally to keep in 'stock'. Thinking of using a mixed set for my 6-string acoustic that's being built. Tuned E-F, using TI acousticores for the lower 3 or 4 strings, and the Cello strings for the upper 2 or 3. Kinda like the wound/unwound mix on a classical guitar :cool:
  8. owensea777

    owensea777 Inactive

    Jun 16, 2007
    You should put another one on the G string and try to bow that baby
  9. EduardoK


    Jun 28, 2004
    I like the idea. In fact, I have wanted to try that for quite sometime but that would require a shorter radius round FB (similar to a violin/cello/ viola/bass) and certain body characteristics to really work properly...
    and course, the technique to handle that.
    But yeah, I like the idea !!!!
  10. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think it would work too well. This bass has a completely flat fretboard anyways ;)
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