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  1. Some GUTS for sale! All are plain, unwound. All prices include CONUS shipping. Settled on Pistoys and keeping my Lenzners for backup.

    [DEL]Damian Dlugolecki D and G strings, used less than a year and in good shape. Some hairs coming up, and some discoloring but they play and sound great, and will clean up with a lighter and a light sanding. I'll even throw a little piece of 600-grit in the bag! These are $145 and $97 new, I'll sell them both for $100.[/DEL] SOLD

    NOS Intru-tone D string. Sold to me as a NOS, unused string, and it looks to be true. Pretty dry, but should take some oil and be a good player. $20

    Unknown-provenance D and A...maybe. Sold to me as a D and A string, but look more like D and G to me ...I can check them with a caliper if anybody's interested. $40

    I would also consider trades for flat-wound gut A and E. I've only had the Dlugoleckis on my bass, never tried the others.
  2. ToR-Tu-Ra


    Oct 15, 2005
    Mexico City
    How's the gauge on the Dugolecki's compared to, say, Lezners?
  3. Very close. Just measured them...
    Dlugolecki: D 2.8-2.9mm, G 2.1mm, so about the same as Lenzners (the ones I have, anyway.

    The unknowns are about the same as those, too...2.9 and 2.1, so I'm thinking they are D and G rather and A and D, the the Intru-Tone is 3.1-3.2.
  4. Dlugoleckis are sold!
  5. [​IMG]Picture bump...cool original packaging and very important special instructions!
  6. All sold, thanks!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.