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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by venezuelanbass, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Right now im busting my chops on what im gonna buy, i was convinced that an Ampeg SVT4 PRO with an Acme B4 was my rig, since i have a friend that works in guitar center, and i can get the ampeg for $960, and then ill order the Acme ($715) that would be about $1680 total. BUT NOW i hear about these new Carvin heads and cabs (B1500 head and BRX cabs) that just came out, i go on the carvin message board and their going nuts about it, the B1500 looks really badass, the only turn of against the ampeg its that it doesnt have an equalizer, but i can get the head with a BRX 4 by 10 for 1400, 280 less than the Ampeg/Acme combination, and for 1800 (listen to this...) i can get... the B1500, a BRX 4 by 10, AND A 18`` SPEAKER CAB!.

    Well whatever...the point is im going nuts, if anyone can help me out i would REALLY REALLY appreciate it.
  2. Did i mention the Carvin comes with cables and casters 2!?
  3. I like the head a little bit. You will get better frequency response and over-all performance from the Low B-4 though (I own one). It will do more, better, in a single box. I used to bi-amp with an 18 and 2x10 and the Acme destroys it and any other set-up I've ever had. If you feel the need to lug around all that gear though, go right ahead. I for one am very happy with the single 4 ohm B-4.

    On another note: Carvin says the BRX10 (4x10) goes down to 26hz (thats like a low F#). Does this sound a little far fetched to anybody but me? I wonder what the efficiency rating is at that frequency... I would guess it's lower then the Acme. If this is true (the 26hz rating) then Carvin must have found the "magic sollution" to making cabs both low and loud. Hmmm...
  4. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA

    I finally played on an Acme cab about a week ago. I was really impressed. I am now seriously considering one.

    As far as the Carvin coming with cables, that should be a given when spending that kind of cash.

  5. The FR question came up on the Carvin forum a while back, when these were first announced. The 26 Hz figure is the "usable" low-end response, meaning the -10 dB point. But it turned out the claimed -3 dB point for that cab was pretty good--33 Hz. And the claimed sensitivity is something like 102 dB. As for low and loud, it is possible to do that--you just can't make it small at the same time! Just as the Acme can be low and small, but not loud at the same time.

    My main thought about the BRX 10 and its siblings has to do with size: the things must be built like brick outhouses (a good thing, tonally, as a rule) if a 4-10 is 99 lb even with neodymium drivers. I live in a walkup with skinny stairs; I couldn't see myself humping a BRX10 up and down. But I am seriously considering a B1500 and an Acme B-4...

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