gzr p/j's in my P lyte

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  1. I want to put the Geezer Butler pickup's In my active P lyte. I am wanting to turn it into a passive instrument.
    My bass has 4 controls, V/Blend/B/T, the EMG's has 3 V/V/T(I believe)
    So, that leaves me with an extra control on my bass. So what do I put there?
    On the EMG site they have so tone pots, one is a booster(boost lows and highs, cuts mids) this one sounds like a terrible idea...
    The other one is a mid control, my question is will either of these work passive? Also if you was doing this mod what would you do?
    Thanks for your time and input.
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    If you want to go passive, you can do V/V/T or V/V/T/T if you want to fill all 4 spots. Those circuits with bass, mid & treble are active circuits.
  3. That's is what I thought, but the guy I talked to at EMG recommend the Booster. I thought that was odd.
    He also said I couldn't go V/V/T/T when I asked him about it. Maybe he didn't understand I was going passive?
  4. I just got off the phone with EMG.
    They don't sell passive individual tone pots. I would have to buy a passive wiring kit. The geezer PU's come with a wiring kit, so what do you think they did?

    They are sending me a tone pot and jumper cables free of charge!! Woot Woot
    Gotta love great customer service!
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    mmbongo I have too many basses. Supporting Member