Höfner Ignition of Epiphone Thunderbird?

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Hello there!

    I am a guitar player... but now I'm really into picking up the bass! I don't know much about bass guitars (yes, I've done my research on the Web, but now I just want your opinion on this dilemma I'm faced with )

    I have a budget of around 280 euros (which is about 370$ or 230£) --> this is for the guitar only, so without the amp.

    Two basses caught my attention: the epiphone thunderbird and the höfner ignition. Now here comes the question: How versatile are these things? I'd like to play a lot of different styles going from jazz and blues to rock and funk. So which bass would fit me best?
    (I know that, rationally speaking, I should go for a versatile Squier J-bas, but I like the thunderbird and hofner ignition more... I admit that I am being deceived by the looks, but who cares )

    So, what are your thoughts about these guitars? what are the limits of each of them?

    Thank you very, very much!

    kind regards,
  2. Between a Hofner and an Epiphone Thunderbird, I would personally lean toward the Thunderbird. I think it would lend itself better to the styles you've listed.
  3. The Thunderbird has been intriguing to me for years, but I have 4 long scale basses already. The Hofner Ignition for you as a guitar player would be great to play. If you don't have a thing for being 'Beatle', I would consider a Hofner Ignition Club bass. Everything about them is exactly like the 'Beatle' bass except the body is the same size and shape as a Les Paul, and therefore, slightly larger, more acoustic tone. Same neck, pickups, bridge and controls. I looked at the Ignition Beatle yesterday at GC and I believe the bridge/string height was a little higher. My 'Club' has a little less black in the sunburst as well, which I like better.