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  1. Tightanic


    Oct 26, 2000
    Hi everybody!
    After two years of reading all your gear-buying posts, I've finally managed to be the one who posts a "new gear" kind of thread!!!
    A few weeks ago I got my Glockenklang Double 2x12" cab and I'm really happy with it! I bought it without ever playing any Glock. equipment before, but I have not been disapointed:
    The loudness abilities are alright (100 db/1w/1m, 500 Watts) and it can be carried easily by one person (about 60 lbs).
    But the most astonishing point is it's sound:
    Eventhough I'm driving it with an old fishy Warwick Wamp 280 Head, the sound is sweet, clear as the sky with no clouds (yeah, there it is: gear poetics) and still fat and meaty. After getting it, I went to a store and played a 210XLT and it couldn't even compare! Well for a few month, my GAS will be cured, but then I'm going to save money for a Marleaux Bass and Glock Head! (perhaps I need to sell family members!?)

  2. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    hey, congrats on the new gear, and thanks for the report :D
  3. I have, and I'm not crazy about the sound. It's very "modern hi-fi" and I don't think it would cut a rock gig. I heard two vintage maple-board Stingrays being played through a Heart Core and a Glock 2x12 and the rather mid-shy tone (and these are Stingrays, which will go through a wall of Les Paul/Dual Recto if you leave them set flat) was definitely the kind that wouldn't go through the mix.
  4. Tightanic


    Oct 26, 2000
    Of course the sound can not be described as "vintage", but I don't think it's mid-shy. In fact, this is the first cab i played that really cuts
    through, even in a loud rock setting (guitarist playing 4x12 Marshall w. 100 Watts head!!) and is not breaking. May be it won't handle a big gig on it's own, but it does the job fine for all club (small to medium sized rooms) kind of shows!
  5. Steven Green

    Steven Green

    Jul 25, 2001
    Pacific NW
  6. I hope you get your Marleaux. Bass Player reviewed a 5 a while back and gave it a brilliant review, and I thought at the time it was one of the sweetest basses I'd ever seen.
  7. Tightanic


    Oct 26, 2000
    You're right, Marthy. I once had the chance to play such an instrument, and it was unbelievable, how precise and organic the tone was, as much as the workmanship:

    Look at this, I think its the beauty queen. Not too extreme, but well balanced and tasty! (Damn, I'm describing a peace of wood as if it was a lady! :eek: )

  8. Sammy


    Aug 31, 2000
    Well, I’ve owned my new Glockenklang, Soul with a Quattro, for about a month. I wanted to wait until the newness faded. This review is long, hope you find it worth reading.

    I was very impressed with the Soul with the double cabinet in the store. Comparing it to the Demeter/Kern preamps with the Epifani/Berg cabinets, the Soul was the most noise free system I had heard plus very warm for a solid-state amp. From talking to several dealers (current and x-dealers), the Soul was Udo’s attempt to produce an amp that was more musical (less clinical sounding, hence the name). As for the cabinet, I have always been a 10” fan for the punch. I heard/read about the Quattro’s sound/frequency response/etc., so I ordered the 4 ohm Quattro with the Soul.

    I was initially worried that the rig would not be powerful enough or sound right for an aggressive rock setting, so wrote this review after I sat in with some of my heavy-handed friends. My plan was if the rig was too clinical, I would get a pedal (e.g. Budda Phatbass) to warm it up with some grind.

    I set-up the rig off the floor and cranked the pre/post to 6/7 on the amps to control the volume on the bass. With the bass turned up about half way, there’s plenty O power (I move about 3 feet off axis so I wasn’t being punched in the back). Even better, the sound was warm but clear. (I was playing my Elrick 5 with Bart Jazzes with a slight bass/treble boost on the bass). The Soul has an EQ bypass, so I scooped the EQ and switch in & out for different sounds. I found the EQ very powerful and could give me a more modern sound, but the flat setting worked better for rock songs. The flat setting sat well in the mix with a nice round tone with a small amount of edge (grind?) from the strings being heard.

    The Soul has two inputs (with volume control on one channel to set both equal) and two foot-switches for effects and mute for tuning. I could see wanting a third for the EQ, but I’ll live using the EQ for adjusting to rooms. As for the pedal, I’m holding off but I will buy one to get that “Vintage Ampeg” sound the Soul can not produce. For my range of music (jazz / rock), I’d rather have this sound as an effect.

    As for the Quattro, it was advertised as small and light (81 lbs). I’ve been packing 4x10” for ten years, this is a 4x10”! If it’s an inch smaller or 5 lbs lighter than my last cabinet, you don’t remember that half way up the stairs. The low-end response for the cabinet is killer, and the punch is even better. I agree that 3x10” or two small cabinets would be easier, but the sound of a good 4x10” in IMHO is IT.

    Now the good news

    I bought these in Germany (special order). I paid 2100 Euro for both pieces, 905 Euro apiece plus the German tax (VAT) which you get back. After the exchange rate, extra air cost, and customs, I paid under $2K. My wife is quick to point out that this does not include the airline tickets.

    I talked to Udo after I bought the gear. Udo said he talked to the US distributor AFTER he shipped my stuff and they were Pissed (with a capital P). Udo said that to keep up relations with US distributor he could not do this again. I called two US dealers before I ordered, thinking if the price was close I’d buy it here in the states. I wouldn’t go through the grief of the special-order and logistics in Munich (thanks Anton @ LLM!!!). One dealer never called back. The second dealer (all to be nameless) needed time to look up the prices, called back weeks later saying maximum discount (set by the distributor) is 15% off list. Price: $3670 plus tax.
  9. Tightanic


    Oct 26, 2000
    That's exactly the point! Most peoply expect the Glocks to sound sterile and "hi-fi"-cold. But exactly the opposite is what you get! Yes the sound IS precise, but primarily it is BEAUTIFUL! :)

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