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Had a cool expirience over the weekend

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by 74rickbass, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. I was in halifax (NS canada) over weekend because my school jazz band was the official pep band for the CIS national mens univercity basketball finals. What a fun weekend, this is my second time doing this, but this time was the best.

    So, here is my story...
    I went through 3 basses in 3 days! The first bass was the schools bass, which crapped out on me 2 minutes before I was supposed to play the half time show. so, we phoned musicstop (local music chain) and rented a bass. I had no idea what was going to come, but when It arrived, I opened the case, and it was a 80's japan fender jazz. it was nice, better than the schools 80's yamaha BB300 (not 3000). Then, the sax player (a music teacher I presume) in the band who was filling in for a sax player who couldnt make it, said she had a bass I could use, so we could bring the rental back. so it wouldnt cost too much, so, she brought in her 80's japan fender P-bass!... it was nuts! both were japan made, both were black with white pickguard.

    and here is a REALLY cool side story, I went to musicstop when one of the parents went back to drop off the bass and a couple DI's that we rented. SO, I got to go in a look around. There was a 62 reissue jazz, a couple stingray 4's and 5's and a BONGO!... a couple spectors... these all seem normal to most of you, but I dont get to see these kind of basses too often. THEN the fun part happened, the parent I was with said, Wanna go check out that other store? (which was a vintage guitar shop...) of course I said yes!

    So, I walked in, and seen a bunch of kinda crappy guitars, like old 60's sears guitars...BUT! there was a couple El Degas les paul lawsuit les pauls, that were really nice... and a nice 70's gold top les paul deluxe and a old beat up 63 telecaster... man, that was one nice playing Tele!....THEN! I look in the back room... and see a old P-bass... tele bass in fact... I asked the guy what year... It's a 55!!! I cant beleive it, I was only a couple of feet from a 1955 almost mint condition fender p-bass, it had the thumbrest, and both covers in tact. and behind that, there was a awesome 1960 sunburst fender strat!... of course, I didnt play the P-bass and strat, but just seeing these guitars was awesome!

    well, that was my weekend... hoped ya liked hearing about it.
  2. oh, and if I had any money, I would have bought that El Degas Les paul custom copy, it was looked and played So nice. It was in nice condition, had what looked like dimarzio pups, but I'm not sure. and also had a brass nut...

    It was only $550 too, I wanted it SO bad!
  3. You're still in High School and you've got the Vintage Gear Bug? May God and credit companies have mercy on your soul. :D
  4. Yup, I think I have got the vintage bug, It's sad that I got it this early!

    man...I cant get over how much I wanted that Les Paul copy!
  5. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    I brake for a ny vintage instruments that are for sale. And I look at them very carefully. I am also interested in what they cost.

    uh...Where was this(those) music store(s)?
  6. These stores were in Halifax NS. One was "Musicstop" and the other, I'm not sure the name, but it is only a couple buildings down from musicstop.

    Are you planning to come here?

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