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  1. Hi,

    We had a request so I pulled out a chart for the band at our gig today. Everybody did a good job even though they were sight reading.


    Thank you for your indulgence,

  2. Was it hard to play that 20 note chords while turning the flame slightly higher and higher? Also, did tilting the bongos leave enough room for the bicycle?
  3. I'm sitting here trying to decide whether or not to load that into this midi player that can read scores and see what it does...

    I think I have to convert to a PDF first.

  4. Bard2dbone


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    DO IT!!!!!

    And then we want to hear the WAV file. Or at least I do.

    I'm amused by the instructions "Light explosives now...and now." and "Release the penguins." But I find I'm much more intrigued by the instruction 'Like a Dirigible". How exactly does a dirigible sound? Or does it mean to "Like" a dirigible, as you would on facebook?
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    The tricky part is removing the cattle from the stage, those rascals never want to listen
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    release the penguins!
  7. Hi,

    Here's the second page to that chart. crackup.gif rofl1.gif


    You *KNOW* this one is serious. There's even alto and tenor clef. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    I used to have something slightly like this. It wasn't nearly so far out there, but it was the same idea - looked slightly more plausible but still impossible, if you know what I mean.

    It served me well once. I had just arrived for my first year at a very small music school. I put my tuba and a big stack of music in my locker and went to dinner. The two upperclass tuba guys declined my invite to eat together in the dining hall. Little did I know they were planning to get into my locker (kept same combos year after year!) and check out tuba, music, and whatever else was in there once I had cleared the door.

    As soon as I was out of sight, they opened up my locker, and there, on the very top of the considerable stack of music, was this joke piece. One of them removed it carefully, showed it to the other one, and the conversation apparently went something like this:

    "Hey. Check this out."

    "What is it?"

    "I dunno. Is it real?"

    "I think so. It looks real, but holy cow, look at those intervals!"

    (Some silence.)

    "Do you think she can play this?"

    "No. Well... oh my god, what if she can?"

    "No, she can't play this. But why is it in here?"

    "The rest of the stack looks pretty normal, at least."

    "What should we do?"

    "What do you mean, 'what should we do?' We should get the heck out of her locker and go to dinner somewhere."

    "What if she can play it?"

    "She can't. It's a joke."

    "Right. It's a joke. I hope."

    I only know this because one of the guys confessed a couple of years later. The piece sure served a purpose - it really unnerved those two characters. Set them on their heels a bit.

  10. There's some tiiiight clusters in there! reminds me of the pieces I used to write when I went through my Stockhausen phase (no joke!!)
  11. Everything sounds better "With Pesto".

    I'd love to [DEL]taste[/DEL] hear this, preferably with a real band/orchestra, but a midi-fied version would do.
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    I would be fine as long as there is no key change. Asking me to transpose that on the fly sight reading is a bit much. And whoever requested it better be putting a twenty in the tip jar.
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    Apr 22, 2011
    Tabs for that?

  15. what the heck is that? Tempo = 120 bps?
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    I played that once but without the sheet music. One run through in rehearsal and I had it memorised.

  17. P Town

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    Dec 7, 2011
    Looks like something that John Cage might have composed.
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    I just hate it when the audience requests such trivial stuff.
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    **** yeahhh!:hyper:
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    That is beautiful!