Hafler P230 Solid State Power Amp - $100

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  1. Hafler P230 Solid State Power Amp - $100

    Purchased new in 1999, used in studio to power monitors for a few years, and has been in storage since.

    Critically acclaimed, super reliable and quiet amp that can be used in pro musical or home theater settings. Can be run in stereo or bridged mono mode (to power a bass sub!)

    Includes rack ears that were typically a $40 add-on

    Here are the specs:
    115 watts per side @ 8 ohms at less than 0.02 THD 20Hz – 20 KHz

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  2. Jim C

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    Can't imagine that price would include shipping to the east coast but thought I'd ask; if so, where do I send the $$.
    Had one years ago for a home stereo and sorry I sold it
  3. No, that does not include the shipping. From what I see, I think this is a really great price for the amp. It seems they are typically selling in the $200-250 range used.
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    Sent you a pm a couple hours ago - I'll take it.
  5. PM back at ya koobie.