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  1. Ive been getting into 2 handed tapping lately. There is this extra ring that is annoying, someone suggested that I put a hairband on the nut and frets.

    1.Okay,I tried it once but it was too loose, and the only way to make it tight enough is to double it but it will be too tight and it wont go down the head. I know this sounds stupid, but how do I put the hairband on?? I slide it down the headstock and tie it near the nut? Is this correct?

    2. Is there any specific type of hairband I should use? I use something close to this: [​IMG]

    please excuse my english, I speak it as a 2nd language.

    Thank you.
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    English is a second language for me too. Pardon me, but this extra what?
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    I thought this thread was about "Hair Bands" of the 80s (eg Poison, Ratt, etc). :D
  4. Don't use the ones with the metal piece, not for your hair or your bass. I don't even know why they still make those horrid things, apparantly some people LIKE to rip their hair out. On your bass, the metal piece can scratch up the back of your neck, which would be bad.

    Anyway, get the "ouchless" kind that doesnt have the metal piece, and you'll have to stretch them out pretty far to get it to fit. Most of those hair ties have several rubber bands inside of them, so ideally you will break one or two of the bands, letting the hair tie stretch further and still mute your strings. Hope that helps.

    Also, I think Vic Wooten uses the really thick squisy ones, so they may stretch further without much effort.
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    i had to try 3 different types of hairbands before i found one that fit the neck of my bass the way i wanted it. so just keep looking and yeah defintely don't use one with the metal on it
  6. oh oh sorry, I meant its "an extra ring", i forgot to type ring :D

    so I should use one of these?

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    I started out playing tennis guitar so that one's appropriate :D
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    So did I , but I wondered why it was here and not in the TaBz forum. :D
  9. find one the fits (no metal part) or you could get a peice of felt and an elastic and use that. works well

  10. Sweet, thanks guys :D