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    1 - I recently took the big jump into the world of fretless, and am looking to replace the Rotosound flats with a set of strings that have a nice balance between grind and fingerboard life. Can anyone give me some advice on the feel/sound/wear of half/groundrounds such as D’Addario’s Half Rounds and GHS’s Pressurewounds? (I'm looking for a Tony Franklin-esque sound as an example)

    2 - The last time I brought my six-string in for a setup, I had a set of Pedulla steels strung, and I've fell in complete love with the sound. Unfortunately, I've had no luck in finding either a local or online store that carries them. Pedulla.com has no information on their strings as well. Does anyone have any information on the availability of Pedulla-labeled string? (or if they are outsourced to another manufacturer, who their supplier is.)

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    Aug 16, 2000
    1-GHS Pressurewounds are smooth feeling with quite a bit of top end. I use them on several basses, including my mainstay, a Jaco Jazz fretted. I used to use the D'Addario Halfrounds on an old fretless P and it always sounded good. Less top end than the Pressurewounds, however but maybe richer sounding overall.

    2-Guitar Center had a whole display bucket full of Pedula strings at their Labor Day sale. I bought several sets ridiculously cheap, like 10 bucks a set. You might check there to see if they still carry 'em.
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    Aug 15, 2000
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    I would recomend Ken Smith Compressor strings.
    I don't know if they are half wound because I could not find a ton of info on them. They are not round wound they are not flat wound so maybe they are. I put a set on me fretted Thumb Bass and hated them. To slick and harder to hold onto when bending. My Pedulla needed new strings so I took them off my Thumb and put them on my Buzz and fell in love. They are fairly cheap so I suggest giving them a try. Find NotDuane and ask his views. I don't think they were right for what he was looking for but again I liked them. Oh yeah and welcome to TalkBass.:D
  4. Tuningpeg.com carries Pedulla strings, but those guys are jerks--they take two months to deliver your strings, if they do so at all...
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    Aug 16, 2000
    You might also try sheetmusic.com.
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    Originally posted by scarred2112
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    (or if they are outsourced to another manufacturer, who their supplier is.)

    Pedulla strings are made by GHS, but like other bass manufacturers that outsource their strings to GHS - such as Lakland - They are custom wound to fit, and sound best with their line of basses, according to their specs. You will not find any GHS labelled strings that are exactly like them.

    In my opinion, however, there is not much difference between the GHS strings, and some of the bass manufacturers custom wounds. The prices should be around the same, too.

    I've seen lots of strings, and have done many comparisons with them.

    If you like the sound of the Pedulla strings (I'm assuming that you have a Pedulla - you really didn't mention that in your post), I say stick with them (but, according to the testimony from other TB'rs - don't buy them from The Tuning Peg/GetStringsCheap.com)

    Just my .02