Hamer Custom Shop - Where is Jol Dantzig?

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  1. Can anyone here tell me what ever happened to Jol Dantzig of Hamer? I am a big fan of the Hamer 8 and 12 strings from back in the Hamer Custom Shop days as was wondering what he might be doing these days? Anyone know?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Found it - apparently the Custom Shop at Hamer is still around! I was under the impression that when Kaman bought Hamer that it went away (maybe it did, maybe it didn't - not sure) but it's alive and well on Hamer.com and so is Jol!
  2. http://www.hamerfanclub.com

    Joshua, if they decide to build one for you, could you order one for me while you're at it? I'll pay you on Tuesday. :D

    They aren't making any bolt-on instruments any more. The Monaco bass looks interesting, though.
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    Mar 23, 2000
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    I'd love to get them to build me a Chapperal PJ like I drooled over in about '90.
  4. Wow - Hamer fans, very cool! I love my Hamer and always wanted to get another one - no I guess I can! Does anyone know if the custom shop actually closed for a while? I could be remembering incorrectly (it was a while ago), but I though after Kaman bought Hamer the customs stopped for a while. Anyone know about that?
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    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    Hey, cool page: http://www.hamerfanclub.com/bass.html

    Now that I think about it more, I think the bass I was gaga about was an early chapperal "max" with a set neck, quilt top, and EMG P and soapbar pickups, not a PJ. I panned the blend full forward, plugged it into a trace elliot 8x10 rig and WOW. Perfect tone.

    You guys ever seen any of those pop up on eBay?
  6. AFAIK, the custom shop never closed except for a brief period (like a few days) during the move from Chicago to Connecticut. You see Chap and Blitz basses as well as 1st generation (set-neck PJ) and 2nd generation (bolt-on JJ) CruiseBasses on e-Bay regularly...and they're almost always very cheap.
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    Here's mine, I used to have a second one in black. They were all I played in the mid-90s. I used to have a string deal with Hamer till Kaman took over.:crying: