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Hammond and Ashley Shop in San Diego

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by hotdbass, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Fellow San Diegan Bassist's! I'm just back for the new Hammond Ashley store at the the corner of Mira Mesa and 5889 Oberlin Dr. I'm really happy to have a company like HA in town and thought I would share the news with you.We no long have the make to trek North to get to get my bass repaired! Check out their web page at
    WWW.HammondAshley.com for address and phone number. The owner is Paul and the Shop manager/Luthier is Bejamin Barnes, he cut a new sound post for my Pollmann, and the sound and action is much improved.
  2. Well my first impression of this place is very positive...
    Though I'll wait to see how much a neck re-set will cost!
    Very cool place though, and close to my work!
  3. Well, this shop was very busy with repairs...so it took a while to get to mine.

    Turns out that the dovetail did not break (lucky), but that the original neck block was cut too big and fixed with a shim of crappy wood. The shim had let go, so they modified the neck block to fit correctly. Bass sounds much louder now, with better tone!

    Price seems a little high to me, but not too bad.