Hans Kroger 3/4 Fully Carved

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    Apr 14, 2017
    Hi all, About 6 months ago i purchased my first double bass. All Ply with ok strings and a bridge that needed replacing. So I replaced the bridge and the bass worked wonderfully for the summer time and the beginning stages of my double bass career. Now at college studying the bass I have been playing more and more and realized i need a new bass. Not that this one isnt good but I need something more suited for my needs. The bass that kind of caught my eye is from a local luthier, the one who replaced my bridge actually. Its a 2003 Hans Kroger 3/4 Fully carved bass. he has the price listed at $2195 Canadian. When i saw this price i thought it was too good to be true. Am i right in saying that for a fully carved bass lol? Basically my question is, Is this bass worth my time and money going to see and in the end buying or should i look more for a hybrid?
    Thanks All
  2. Seems the distance is not the problem, since you already have visited him to replace the bridge. So why not go and see the bass? What will you loose? He could also help selling the bass you have now.
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