SOLD Hanson Lakland NeoPunch Precision Pickup

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    Hanson/Lakland NeoPunch P pickup. This came stock in a USA 44-64/Glaub from around 2009. Sounded great, but I ended up trying a Hanson vintage and stuck with that.

    $50 shipped. Leads were not clipped. Includes screws and the box the vintage pickup came in. Thanks for looking .

    C5174B27-25FD-4A0B-ACA9-3511909A44CC.jpeg 651A1370-B72B-45C0-AEDC-0AA483A5BDF7.jpeg FA5CFEFA-EB03-434D-AFAD-057D8187F250.jpeg
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  2. BradH

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    Nov 1, 2010
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    $50 is a great price!!
    I payed $65 for a used set, but it was still well worth it.
    I put them in a Fender MIM bass, and it made it a different bass.
    IMO, these are better than the S/Duncan Qt Pounders, which are still good pups.
    Someone buy these, you will like them.
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