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  1. For Rush fans, For everyone, i don´t know...
    but happy 2112
  2. AW MAN! too bad I'm 2 days late! thx man happy 2112 to you too. BEST RUSH ALBUM EVER! in my opinion that is.
    Rock on!
  3. im a rush fan, but i have no clue what/when 2112 is other than an awesome song/cd
  4. Joey3313


    Nov 28, 2003
    That's all it is. It just so happens though, that yesterday was that very date (21st day, 12th month). For the guy who said he 2 days late....isn't it only the 22?
  5. HAHAH! YEAH! My bad! my watch is screwd up. it said it was the 23rd! piece of crap watch!