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Happy V-day!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Blackbird, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    To all my Fellow TalkBass Members, even the ones I find sorta icky:

    <font size=7>Happy Valentine's Day:D:D:D</font>

    Enjoy the day. I'll start cracking the whip again tomorrow.;)

    Will C.:cool:
  2. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA

  3. Acacia


    Apr 26, 2000
    Austin, TX
    <h1>BAH HUMBUG!!!!</h1>

  4. Jazzbo, Big Wheel - I love yous guys too, but I agree with acacia about the B humbug thing.
  5. BaroqueBass


    Jul 8, 2000
    Salem, OR
    There's no such thing as love. The illusion of love is merely a distraction from sadness.
  6. That's very profound - and sad at the same time - simutaneously!
  7. love is good for some, bad for others, right now its bad for me.

    one day ill appreciate v-day, but until i find that special someone i say valentines day is just another day.

    but i do know 25 years ago on valentines day my dad proposed to my mom. isnt that special?


    valentines day is a day of love, happiness, and such for those with love.

    valentines day is a day of depression, sorrow, and personal anguish for many who dont.
  8. Hmm, wasn't there a massacre or something on V day? That's not very romantic.:D
  9. Happy Valentine's Day..........

    My fiance' just said we are all really big nerds.....

    Please excuse her she is a singer, you know that front person type, she doesn't know any better......
  10. If the shoe fits.......................

    well, she might be right.


    Your right Spacegoat, nothing says I love you like a massacre!
  11. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    Screw Valentines Day. Im getting Divorced.

    Next year I plan on having a new little hottie , so Ill save the happy V day till next time. :)
  12. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Man, V-Day was great, valentines from all the girls, hugs, kisses, man, I about died from all the attention I got from the opposite sex.

    Oh, wait. That wasn't me. My Valentines day sucked!:D oh well. One of these days.:D
  13. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Well, y'all probably figured I was bummin' today...
    ( see http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11746&perpage=20&pagenumber=3 ) .

    But late in the day, I had an "epiphany". I got my last paycheck
    from my old job yesterday, and tomorrow, I get my first paycheck
    from my new job (huh?) Simply - I got some extra $$$. Hmmm...
    after the bank, let's take the scenic route home by way of Mars and G/C.
    Who says money can't buy happiness? Certainly not my cousin (not_cher) .
    I tried to limit how much moolah I kept from the deposit (I really did!).
    Anyhoo, Mars is up first. No cheapie/Frankenstein axes caught
    my eye. I was hopin' for a BBN4F Yammer with J-pups. They had
    a sweet lookin fiver (Atelier?) for around $2200. I did walk out with a
    couple more Monster cables, the Bass Day `98 video, and a
    book entitled "Take Another Look at Linear Bass Patterns".

    On to G/C. Whoo-hoo! 51 P-bass guy is workin'. A G/C salesperson
    that knows what they're talkin' about WITHOUT the attitude?!? :eek:.
    I chatted him up last time I was there, but didn't get his name.
    So..."51 P-Bass dude!". We yakked it up over a new batch of
    Stingray fivers that just came in. I noticed an M/B Buster
    head for less than a grand (CRAP!). A gnarly cherryburst Pedulla
    Buzz fiver, and a Hamer 12-string that made me go cross-eyed :p.
    I wandered over to the strings area and was surprised to see not
    only T/I JF344's for ~ $37, but T/I AB344's for less than $40.
    I grabbed a couple sets of `344's, then checked my "resources"...
    Awwww, what the hell! They had a MIM blue-purple-chartreuse?
    fretless Jazz I'd been oglin' for a while. Ohhh, the possibilites....
    Badass II, S/D pups, yadda-yadda :D . I told 51 p-bass dude to
    check out the T/B site. (it's a 51 MIJ repro, BTW). He's also got a
    DB and a lead on a fretless Ripper a couple towns over. Some old
    gal is askin' less than HALF of what they're goin' for at gbase.
    Embellisher If you're ever over by Parker and Central, check out
    G/C. Just ask for "51 P-Bass dude" :p .

    (Never fear! The Merchant WILL be mine. Just got a little side-tracked :rolleyes: ).

    But. More important than this moderate GAS outbreak, I realized
    somethin' today (V-day). Despite what Oprah, Phil, Sally, Montel,
    John Gray, or Ricky says, IT WASN'T MY FAULT. I did NOTHING wrong.
    Except marry a complete nut-job.

    What's that Hollywood bullsh*t word?..."catharsis" [​IMG]

    Now. Where's that damn horse I fell off of 15 years ago?
    I got me some ridin' ta' do! ;)
  14. Well, my girlfriend (or would-be girlfriend?) is 7000+ miles away in California...
    So yeah, that kinda sucks. But that doesn't mean I cna't buy something and ship it over, right? :D
  15. yawnsie


    Apr 11, 2000
    I got a lovely card yesterday. The verse inside was especially touching:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You're sending this to yourself,
    Because no-one likes you!

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