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Happy with New Hartke VX3500

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dawgstring6, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. I have my new piece of gear, I got it Wednesday...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    it is loud and has just what I need right now for the gigs we will be doing, just thought I'd share...:bassist:

    It is as good as the aluminum coned drivers by far...
  2. TampaBlues


    Oct 28, 2002
    Tampa, Florida
    Hey, How about some details?? What are the Dimensions, weight, etc.? Are there any negatives?
  3. The 3500 is a great head. I tried my five string through the same head (which I now own) through a VX series 15" cabinet and I was pleased with the tone. It's the tone I want, but one 15 isn't loud enough for just a rock situation... Hartke makes good gear with some great price tags too... I'm not sure about the reliablity of those VX cabs though, if it starts smelling when you push it, stop playing take it in and return it man, I'm not kidding... Those speakers are not really what they are "rated" to handle. THe VX115 claims 300 watts,. but the 15" driver is only a 75 watt speaker! Just cuz they throw a tweeter in there gives them the right to crank the ratings. However, I have never had bad experiences with Hartke gear, my hartke combo does what it's designed to do, and with the new 3500 of mine I'll be kicking some ass when I get one of those new Avatar CB cabs:D

    Hey man, hope you like your new rig; just remember if you're ever dissatisfied with the speakers, that rig is basically just a vx410 cab with a rack mount built into it so they stick a 3500 in there and claim it to be a combo amp, which it is, but I really wouldn't consider it one. You could disconnect the speakers from the amp and take the amp out of the cab and use it with a different cabinet(s). But I was satisfied with the tone of the vx115 (it's easy to make me happy, Im happy with clean, tight sound and as long as the speakers dont sound exhausted I'm grateful). Nice rig, I cant wait till I get a cab for my 3500 head:bawl:
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  4. Yeah, anything else?
  5. So, any long-term updates by anyone on this amp? It really sounds good on paper. All I want to know is that the problem ppl had with the 15's speakers buring up after a while due to not being able to handle the power reoccurs with the 4x10.

    It'll help me a lot, since I'm going to buy one very very soon, maybe this weekend, and I have my mind set up on this.

    I would have gone for the 3500 head and 4.5XL cabinet, but I my budget is just too tight for that. So I'm trying to go for the next best thing. As long as it's a reliable amp, the sound and power I'm pretty sure are a given.

    Thanks everyone for your time.