Hardshell Case?

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  1. Whitenoise17


    Aug 6, 2016
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    I'm looking for a good, sturdy, strong case; Anyone have any suggestions? My bass is an Ibanez GSR206B. It has 6 strings and is around 44 inches in length.

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    Apr 21, 2014
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    What's your budget? You can get anything from a pvc injected case for $80 or so on, up to an all aluminum stamped case for $700+

    I looked a Gator wood cases and wasn't impressed. I currently have 4 Guardian cases, one for a Strat, one shaped for a Hofner, and 2 for my Squier Jazz and Fender PJ. Guardians are the only one I'll buy now, but these are for storage and local transport. If I needed something to put on an airplane I wouldn't be satisfied with them. My basses measure 46+ inches long so yours should fit. Here's a link from just up the street a couple miles where I buy mine:
    Bass Guitar Cases | Billsmusic.com
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