SOLD Hardware from Modulus Bass / EMG / Schaller

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    Up for grabs are the electronics and hardware from my '92 Modulus M-92:

    1. EMG 40DC dual coil bass pickup - $49
    (just added 'quick connect' connectors to the pickup wire ends so you have the option of plugging the pickup directly into an emg preamp that has quick-connect in's/out's - no soldering needed)
    SOLD / EMG active preamp (vol/bass/treble) / 18v / EMG knobs - $39 / SOLD
    3. Chrome Schaller fully adjustable bass bridge (85mm x 56mm) / 17mm - $29
    SOLD / Chrome Gotoh 3/8" bass tuners (tuners on bass side are stamped "Made In Japan" and the tuners on the treble side are stamped "Gotoh") - $29 / SOLD

    all prices include shipping to the Continental US.

    feel free to ask any questions or if you need more pics.

    thanks for looking!
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  2. notejung

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    Nov 16, 2010
    Bangkok, Thailand but have USA address
    Pm's sent
  3. pnutz

    pnutz Supporting Member

  4. pnutz

    pnutz Supporting Member

    tuners are sold
  5. pnutz

    pnutz Supporting Member

    emg preamp is sold
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