Hardware/Tuner Change on the New T-Bird Vintage Pro?

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  1. So i've been looking to get one of the newer vintage pro T-birds for a while now and I'm currently in a position now to grab one off sweetwater, but something's been bugging me for the last week after seeing the stock vintage pro t-birds they had photo'd. It appears that Epiphone has swapped out the really nice Large 70's Spec Wilkinson Machine heads for smaller and cheaper open-gear tuners as found on their EB-0/EB-3 models. This kinda bummed me out since that was something I really like about the new Vintage Pros. I'm not the only one seeing this right?!

    Below are a before and after of the Tuner change from what I've found. I assume Epiphone did this to cut cost on manufacturing these great basses. What do you guys think? Can any Vintage Pro T-bird owners chime in on this?
  2. Also I've just realized that serial #'s with the first 4 digits 1707 have the Bigger Tuners, while serial #'s with the first 4 digits 1709 have the smaller cheaper tuners. This indicates where/when the change was made, which is evident in the above pictures. Luckily enough I managed to grab one of the last 1707 Serial # Ebony Finished T-bird Vintage Pro's from Sweetwater's stock as I forgot earlier that they have a feature that allows pick and choose from what they have in stock of that model, so Huzzah for that! Sadly they we're backordered on the matching epiphany case till April but I went with a gator T-Bird Case which ended up saving me money (another Huzzah for that!). Overall feeling satisfied and looking forward to my new bass! I'll leave this thread up here incase anyone else catches on to this hardware change and needs answers.
  3. Let me know what you think of the Gator case. I got one for my Classic Pro and it needed modding for the bass to fit properly and the vinyl snags/tears very easily.

    As far as the tuners go, my stab in the dark is they went with smaller/lighter to help combat neck dive.
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  4. Thats also a good possibility, I prefer the larger tuners for the look tho, as well as the fact that they have the more spaced out screw locations that make installing the Gotoh light vintage reverse wound tuners that I would possibly upgrade to to help alleviate dive if it was bad, which means I could use the screw holes already in place rather than drilling in new holes from replacing the smaller tuners. But yeah i'll let you know about the gator case, I'm assuming it'll fit better than the classic since it'll be longer due to the vintage pro having a longer headstock, but thanks for the heads up on the telex fragility. The T-bird will probably stay at home for the most part and I need a decent case just to store it away from the elements.
  5. Is the Gator case a new model or their generic T-Bird case? The reason I ask is even my Classic Pro just fits lengthwise. The end of the headstock is right up on the case. The longer VP headstock could be an issue.
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  6. I guess its the generic $99 one, Hope its not an issue, otherwise my Sweetwater rep will probably hit me up about it if it presents a problem
  7. Hey Gluvhand, Good looks about the gator case not working out, heard back from Sweetwater today saying it didn't fit. They are gonna refund me the Gator case and ship the bass out today. I'll probably get the epiphany case elsewhere since they are on back order at Sweetwater.
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    Before you buy, check out Guardian cases. They're pretty nice.
  9. Glad to be some help.
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