Harlequin Homebrew Hematoma ???

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by kazuhank, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. kazuhank

    kazuhank Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2002
    Portland, OR
    I regretted selling my old purple knobbed HBE Hematoma and found a decent deal on this one in a harlequin red and white finish.

    As I researched here on TB and online while waiting for the pedal to arrive, I couldn't find any information on this finish. I understand there is little info in general with HBE being defunct for awhile. This one has serial number 111, my purple was 080.

    That said, has anyone seen one like this before? Is this a one-off? Limited edition? The lettering is on top of the red and white paint, and there's red overspray on the inside of the pedal, so it appears stock. It sounds just like my purple model did, FWIW. Any info is appreciated, thanks.

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  2. spufman

    spufman Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Central CT
    That's cool, don't remember that finish. I should dig out my Hematoma, haven't played it in a while. Real good pedal, especially for the time.
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  3. Matt Dean

    Matt Dean Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2007
    SF (North) Bay Area
    Very very cool.
  4. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I’ve seen that finish in a Power Screamer, but not a Hematoma. Very cool.
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  5. Bassist4Eris

    Bassist4Eris Frat-Pack Sympathizer

    I had the purple one too. Mine was #3. Like the boneheaded idiot that I am, I traded it for a Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion several years ago. At the time, the SA pedal was going for more than the Hematoma, so I thought I was getting a good deal. The guy I traded with kept checking in with me, like "are you sure you want to do this?" So I can completely relate to the regret. :(

    Sorry for the slight derail....

    HBE Hematoma.JPG

    HBE Hematoma guts.JPG
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  6. kazuhank

    kazuhank Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2002
    Portland, OR
    No derail at, all. Sometimes I wish I had that voice on my shoulder telling me to hang onto something, especially when I'm not cash strapped. You had a literal voice asking if you were sure you wanted to do it. :laugh: I'm just glad finding this pedal was easier than some of the other sales I wish I could have back.
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