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Harley Benton

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dub-koldun, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. dub-koldun


    Nov 2, 2005
    does anyone know something about Harley Benton basses?
  2. Tojan


    Dec 3, 2005
    I bought the Harley Benton Beatbass, a Höfner Beatles copy.
    At 150£ I just gave it a shot, hoping it was a playable as it was looking good.
    To my suprise, it was both and sounded nice too. Very similar too a the real Höfner. Of course, that is a classic vintage sound, and on newer basses with better pickups, the difference might be greater.

    Although the quality of the body and neck seemed nice. Nice frets, nothing sharp pointing out at all. Of course, the neck, string height and
    bridge needed an adjustment out of the box. That didn't bother me at

    As for the hardware, it did seems a bit fragile. Time will tell if it is!
  3. switch18


    Jan 3, 2009
  4. Hi.

    I have two HBB600TBK and HBB6000.

    Not the greatest ones on the planet, but the 600 I bought new (173€) was playable right out of the box. After a minor fret levelling, it feels rather good. The bridge has a bit an issue with too short and thin screws, they need replacing or otherwise the bridge will pull off.

    The neck through 6000 is amazing for the money, too bad they're discontinued.

    I'd say for the price, HB is hard to beat.

  5. TribalEagle


    Mar 19, 2005
    Finland EU
    I allso have HBB600TBK.. Not really bad bass for the price, but...
    I didn`t care the for painted thick neck and the neck dive was terrible...:spit: Sounded ok tho.
    Now my bass is really heavily modified: neck is thinner, frets are gone, preamp is gone, body is new and neck is moved to sit deeper in the body. Now it`s beginning to be nice bass :) I don`t play it much cos I`m not really into fretless playing, but its fun toy and was a nice (unfinished)project.
    But out of the box: first thought it was really cool and then after playing it for a while could not bare it..:meh:

    I have also played cheap`o MB22-2T. Fit and finish was terrible, and neck felt bit loose.. We used it for calender photo cos it looked nice but I would not like to play it (It was playable but...)

    If you want kinda cheap and good bass, and have to order online, instead of Harley benton I recommend these: http://www.musik-produktiv.de/(s(t5cnpj75arryjan4sca4bg3i))/shop/Artikelliste.aspx?wg_gruppe_id=16868&ag_gruppe_id=17048&ob_gruppe_id=17591&sort=relevanz&marke_gruppe_id=11304 I have 5-string Master Bass Pro and it is really nice bass for the price.. Plays lot better than many Fenders I have tried in shops.. String spacing is really narrow tho.. This is my main bass atm, and I have played it in many shows for many people.. Probably best thing I have ever bought bass wise.. (but I have to say that I have no experince about the cheaper models)

    (Bit off topic: If you buy online learn to setup your bass or the setup in strore can cost almost as much as the bass you just got.. Once you lear to adjust basses your self, you will save lot of money in the long run and have basses setupped just the way you like em)

    Harley Bentons are ok if it is your first bass, thomann offers starter packs really cheap.. If you get bored, you won`t loose lot of money.. If not your first (or bying just for fun, or to try different kind of bass shape etc,) look something else..
  6. I have had one of their semi-hollow basses for about three yesr now and it sounds great.I do recommend setting up as all basses should be to the highest standard in my eyes.
  7. Bigby wolf

    Bigby wolf

    May 4, 2009
    I was looking at the HARLEY BENTON HBP120BK. It'll be the first bass I owned. I've played bass but I have no money really and just used my friends Affinity usualy, but he just sold it to cover his rent. Is it a good enough bass to play for now?
  8. Well, these basses are not bad considering their price. But they ARE cheap, you can't expect much and certainly not quality hardware.
    It is fine to play a little bit with them, compared to other cheapos they are okay. But if you ever play a "real" bass, you might not have fun again with the HB.

    I would try to get some more money and buy some used stuff.....