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Hartke 2100 cab or avatar sb112

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by modulusgod, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. modulusgod


    Mar 30, 2005
    Hi all bassists! I am in need of a smaller cab for practices and small gigs As I am tired of lugging around my full stack.

    I currently own a avatar b210(4 ohm) that sits on top of a SWR big ben18"(8 ohm) that is being juiced by a old SWR Workingman 300 head. Im getting 340 watts out of this setup because of the 2.67 ohm draw from the cabs and it sounds great!

    Well I was online and saw a steal of a deal on a Hartke HA 3000 head so I bought it to match with a small cab to leave at my practice space. Having now owned the 210 I love it which is why I think Im going with the sb112, But I have also kind of fallen in love with the design of this small 2100 2x10 Harke cab.

    The frequency range of the Hartke sounds impressive by the data I have read, but the avatar will hold 500 watts(!) where as the Harke is only rated at 200, and my new practice head is 300 watts, so blowing speakers is a concern.

    The hatke is a upright style cab that is designed for great monitoring where as the avatar is a box!LOL! Also the Hartke has casters.

    But the probably the biggest difference is price! I can get the
    Avatar about 80 bucks less than the Harkte.

    And I have never heard the Tone of these Hartke cabs But I hear They sound alot better than almost every other cab they make. Also having owned this 210 avatar and how it sounds, Im sure the 112 will kick ass.

    Im hoping that ANY opinions on this will make my decision easier. Thanks for reading! :smug: