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Hartke 210XL speaker buzz/distortion problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mitosis, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. mitosis


    Apr 5, 2014
    I've got a weird issue going on with my Hartke 210XL. I can't figure it out, so I thought I would turn here.

    I've used it for months with a Hartke 3500 head and 115XL cab, and everything's been fine until about a week ago when I noticed that there was buzzing/distortion/clipping coming from the speakers of the 210XL (but the 115Xl is totally fine). It doesn't occur at really low volumes, but starts happening even at moderate volumes.

    I've tightened all the screws in the cab and around the speakers, the dust caps are both still completely glued down, there are no cracks in the aluminum coils, both speakers read 8 ohms, and the voice coils push in smoothly. I took it to a repair shop and the guy hooked it up to a frequency generator and swept the frequencies without any issues, but it was at low volume.

    Is it possible that the speakers appear totally fine (read 8 ohms, smooth voice coil movement, no distortion with frequency generator) but there's something wrong with them so they distort at higher volumes? Is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  2. Helaskold

    Helaskold 100% Mediocre

    Jul 22, 2012
    Austin, TX
    Sounds like a blown speaker to me... especially considering that it's not terribly uncommon to hear of similar issues with those aluminum cones.

    Take that as you will, though... I'm not a professional speaker-knower-abouter :bag:
  3. jeffmaxwell

    jeffmaxwell Commercial User

    Oct 8, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    owner, Silver Hammer Designs
    why don't you sweep the speakers at the same volume that causes the distortion when you are playing? More likely to getthe problem to happen that way.
  4. mitosis


    Apr 5, 2014
    I tried to get the guy at the repair shop to sweep it louder, but he wanted to charge me for spending any more time on it.

    It's just really weird because I've dealt with blown speakers in PA cabinets before, and the speakers on my 210XL appear totally fine. I can't figure out a way to get the magnet off the back so I could look at the voice coil.

    Can voice coils be still intact (which is why I'm getting the 8 ohm reading) but damaged in a way that produces buzzing/distortion at moderate volumes?

    I'm just trying to figure out if the fix is to just get replacement speakers, but that would probably cost me more than I payed for the cab in the first place.
  5. tjh

    tjh Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    I don't think that Hartke has 16 ohm OEM replacement drivers available any longer for the 210XL ...
  6. mitosis


    Apr 5, 2014
    Well that makes my decision pretty easy then. Just hoping there's a way to salvage these speakers...