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Hartke 3500 cool,what about the 3000?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DUBZ, Nov 26, 2000.

  1. DUBZ


    Aug 28, 2000
    Since being offered a Hartke 3500 second hand,i've checked out the Hartke 3000 model in a local store & i like it!!!
    the only catch is that the store put me through a Ashdown
    300watt cab ( 1x15 )& it sounded wicked!the second hand 3500 is for sale at £300,the Hartke 3000 new is £459 & the Hartke 3500 new is £499,i may get £200 part exchange for my Delta bass ( peavey )because its only about two months old,so i would only have to find £259 for a new Hartke 3000
    with a guarantee!!!or is the Hartke 3500 a lot better than the 3000?should i offer the guy who's selling the 3500 £200
    or go for the 3000 new from the store? Also will it suit my Peavey 210 tvx or should i go for a 1x15 cab instead?many thanks for any answers,Dubz..check out my bands site on
  2. Personally I would not go for the 3000 because you don’t get the two pre-amp’s (Tube & Solid state) and cannot adjust your input gain, just a main volume control with the passive and active inputs pre set.
    I had an Ampeg SVT 111 with a similar arrangement once and found it very unsatisfactory, especially when using more than one bass. I think Ampeg recognised this mistake as they changed to a pre-amp control on later versions.

    With the 3500 you can blend the two pre-amp’s together if you want, and if you ever use a bass with a low output you can crank it up.
    I have always found that having a pre-amp gain control an important tool to getting the right sound.
    IMO, go for the 3500.

    [Edited by Spike on 11-27-2000 at 07:56 AM]
  3. I'll second that. Go for the 3500 if given the choice.

    good luck!

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