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Hartke 3500 or Ampeg svt3pro

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JHMAVRO, Aug 16, 2000.



    May 29, 2000
    hooksett NH USA
    I know everybody would say say "try'em out for yourself and see whats best for you," but I did that and want to know what other people think. So anyone whos familliar with these or simmilar amps, What do you like???
  2. reel big bassist

    reel big bassist

    Mar 27, 2000
    When I was deciding on amps, I tested the Hartke 3500.
    I eventually chose the ampeg b-2r over the harkte 3500,
    for various reasons. Here's my opinion of the hartke 3500.

    The good points: I really
    liked it's high end, awsome clarity.
    The Eq works nice, and the amp has a good amount of power.
    Bad Points: To me I didn't like either channel,
    the solid state sounded to harsh, and the
    tube channel seemed to have a "pushed back" sound.

    Another reason I chose the ampeg B-2r
    over the harkte 3500 is this. The ampeg uses mosfet
    circutry whereas the harkte uses bi-polar.
    Even though they both have fans, bi-polar circutry
    generates more heat than mosfet. My friend once
    told me, that one of his friend's hartke head
    just overheated, an gave up on him. Now that's only
    one person, and I havn't heard of any similar
    instances.Plus I don't know how hard he was pushing
    the amp.
    But,that was enough for me to go ampeg.

    I overall liked ampeg's sound better, but
    again that's just me. I would look into the
    B-2r also, it costs about the same as the
    harkte and in my opinion is a great buy for the money.
    It costs a lot less than the SVT-3pro.

    There you go,
    Greg P

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  3. wehehehell... I like the Hartke 3500 much more =) I love the high end and everything about it. (Yes I did try Ampeg and DID pick the Hartke over it.. crazy eh :eek:) Haven't had one problem with it. The only problem I have is the cab! but that's going to be fixed soon!


    [Edited by ikickuintheballs on 08-16-2000 at 07:58 PM]
  4. they make the 3500 in MOSFET form...or did rather. I have a used one on order to try out.


    May 29, 2000
    hooksett NH USA
    what cab are you playing through??????
  6. phunky345


    Jun 20, 2000
    Missoula, MT
    For the price, I don't think you can beat the hartke 3500. At zzounds.com, they have it for only $370! I'm lucky that I'm getting my Ampeg b2-r for only 380 used only 15 hours in a studio! I prefer the solidness and power Ampeg is known for. I have heard things about the 3500 being less sturdy. I recommend either the b2-r or the hartke ha4000. Bass player magazine gave the 4000 awesome reviews, and at music123.com, you can get it new with free shipping for only like $440! As for the svt-pro series, I've only played the classics and the b-series, so I wouldn't know exactly. The 3-pro has 100 watts more than the b2 or 3500, and has tubes, and good tubes at that, in the preamp. Plus way more tone shaping capabilities with the semi-parametric eq and stuff.
  7. First, I must say that I am a happy Hartke 3500 owner/user.

    Several years ago('95) My 3500 started frying out on me, just crackling and making ugly sounds, and only after light usage. So I called SAMSON TECHNOLOGYS (Importer of Hartke gear) and asked if they could point me to a local(So Cal.)
    repaiman who knew Hartke gear, I got patched into their repair dept and was given the name of a guy who used to work for them(at Samson Tech.)and they went on to say he really knew his $hit concerning the electronics inside the Hartke amp heads.

    Well, I got ahold of him and we hit it off real well, ended up talking to me for a real long time. While we stood there he proceeded to check out my 3500 head and I remember him making the following points:

    a.) Hartke heads are mfg'd in Korea (I didn't know this back then)
    b.) Most all the solder connections are done by robotics, not humans and end up being "cold" solder joints. resulting in brittle, easily broken connections.

    He emphisised this by showing me at least three broken solder connections which turned out to be the source of my problems. He then proceeded to hand solder each of the original broken joints. Then he started tapping all the rest of the insides with a plastic hammer. This shocked me but he reassured me no harm would result (he already had remoived the tube)

    The results were almost all the remaining solder joints broke--.

    Well after showing me each and every broken solder joint he pointed out that the ones he re-soldered were still good, and yes indeed they were. He then resoldered by hand every broken one, replaced what he noted was a perfectly good tube with a new one, plugged it into a couple of spacey looking test machines that had wavey lines running accross them while he turned knobs and tapped with that plastic hammer all over the insides of my 3500 head.

    "Better than new" he told me. He then cleaned up the input jacks for me and put the cover back on. He told me to plug it in right there and see how it sounded....

    Awesome. It was like he said, better than new.

    When I asked him what I owed him he said everything totalled up to $20.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My Hartke 3500 head has been A-1 ever since and I have had no problems with it. I do not forsee the need to ever replace it at this point.

    Moral of this story is beware of what you buy. I got lucky I guess.

    Good Luck!


    May 29, 2000
    hooksett NH USA
    Well I been on the verge of a brain hemorage trying to decide what amp to get. After trying all sorts of **** that I can and cant afford, I narrowed it down to an ampeg svt3 or hartke 3500. the extra $200-$300 wasnt a big factor, and I couldnt tell wich was louder. The onley thing I really had to go on was sound, And I think the 3500 sounds sweet.But I should Add that I hate how it sounded through Hartke cabs. Im gonna play that sucker through a SWR working mans 4x10 and a SWR working mans 1x15. For some reason they had it set up like that at the music store and It sounded pissa.
    Had that certain Mojo to it tou know??? The Ampeg didnt feel as good. Well... to me anyway.

    Did type That????? Sorry!!

    [Edited by JHMAVRO on 08-19-2000 at 07:05 PM]
  9. Riz-
    Do you still have the number for the guy that repaired your 3500. If he's still around, I'd like to take mine in for a tune up. Email me please.
  10. Ezmar


    Jul 8, 2010
    I'm getting a Hartke 3500, and was looking through reviews. I wouldn't get that one, if I were you. I heard that It just sounded awful. It was $200 used as opposed to $450 or something used for just the regular 3500.

    Can't give any recommendations on the Ampeg though.

    Edit: Wow, got here from google, didn't realize I necroed a dacade-old thread. >.<
  11. chubrocker


    May 6, 2006
    Ampeg all the way, but that's my flavor. I've just never preferred Hartke personally.
  12. Yeah, ha ha! Wonder if they still have the amp? Or if it's still working?
  13. grendle


    Mar 4, 2011
    Central FL
    I've had my hartke for almost 20 years. Never a problem and loud as hell. If you want to sound like an ampeg get one. If you want to sound like you and your bass get a hartke. The 3500 has a lot of clean power. I don't think I have ever giged it and had the master above 4. I don't like the hartke cabs though, too harsh for me. I looked for months and played everything. Bought the hartke. A common thing on ampeg, Eden, genz,swr, and a few others is you run out of head room and have to overdrive or clip the preamp to get volume this = distortion. The hartke dosent do that. If you get the hartke , you really need to replace the tube to see what that amp is capable of. Toss the cheap 12ax7 , and put a 5751 preamp tube in it 10-60$. Then you have a very hi fi /3D sounding amp with tons of headroom, and that's before any compression or eq (which are both built in) . Think of it as Eden, swr, aguilar sounding with all the goodies (ground lift, pre and post preamp outs, effects loop, compressor / limiter etc), eq for days , and tons of beautiful clean power. Haven't ever found anything that sounded better, I did hear about some solder joint problems, I believe they have that issue fixed for a wile now. Mine has been CT to CA 3 times. Up and down the east coast twice, and to countless gigs with out an issue. Mosfet and bi polar are basically the same concept. The mosfet (hartke) is a little cleaner as it switches faster than a regular transistor.

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